Easy Shopping Options for Church Furniture

Church steeple crosses

Investing in church furniture is tempting. Many folks don’t realize that antique church pews,church steeples or even just church steeple crosses can be purchased and re-purposed for use in your home. Dramatic? Sure. But finding church steeples for sale and other pieces of church furniture is easy. It’s finding the pieces in excellent condition that can be challenging, which is why people often look to buy it newly made. Here are three things to consider when thinking about buying new or used church pews:
If you’re in the market for brand new church pews, you can buy from a manufacturer. sales company, or store. A manufacturer can custom design them for your space, including choice of wood and style. On the other hand, this tends to be considerably more expensive than the basic pews available from a sales company. If you’re looking for antique church pews look in antique stores or at estate sales. There are also many wesbites selling antique church pews, so a quick Google search should produce some regional options.
Insofar as the overall quality and look of the pews is concerned, the most important thing that you should consider is the materials/type of wood used. There are many types of wood to choose from, oak being one of the more popular. The good thing about this is, especially with newly made pews, there’ll be very little maintenance, and your pews will retain their original quality for years – they’re generally built to last. You should therefore talk to the manufacturer about the different types of wood that are available from them. You should also ask about solid wood and plywood if you’re concerned about the price. Antique church pews will naturally have a higher occurrence of flaws and damage, but they also carry a sense of history and many people enjoy having them in their homes as an added spiritual connection.
If you’re going to take the plunge and but newly or custom manufactured church pews, see about getting a warranty. You’ll want to find a manufacturer that guarantees their work, which is also a vote of confidence that they stand by what they do. While you won’t find a warranty on church steeples for sale or antique church furniture of any kind (save for a few very unusual scenarios), you can rest easy knowing that if it was built for church services, it was designed to last a long time.