You Can Make Your Cane Your Personal Style

Wooden canes

Almost seven million Americans use some kind of assistive device to get around during the course of their day, whether it be just in the house or out in the world. As men and women get older, the risk of falling dramatically increases. This is due to any number of reasons.

Two of the most common reasons for an increase in the risk of falling are dizziness when walking or trying to stand and balance issues. As we get older, we tend to lose that sense of balance, if only slightly. But, slightly is enough to result in a terrible fall that could leave us much worse off than we were before.

If you have been experiencing balance or dizziness issues and would like to still be able to get around town and on with your life, you might want to consider a cane. There are many different types of canes to choose from. You can go with a traditional cane for walking, wooden canes, or even an umbrella cane.

A crook handle umbrella is all many people need to help them keep their balance as they navigate their day. A crook handle umbrella obviously doubles as an umbrella, should you need one in the case of inclement weather. You, yourself, will find what is best for you as you look around for the right kind of cane.

For those who need slightly more underneath them, the crook handle umbrella might not do. Something more stable like a carbon fiber cane might be better. Many of these canes also come with several prongs at the base to sure up the stability a little more.

Folding canes might also be another option for you. Many of these types of canes will fold up very compactly. So, if you want to use your crook handle umbrella but then it unexpectedly begins to rain, you can unfold your folded cane and use that for balance while using your crook handle umbrella to keep the raindrops from falling on your head.

Every 11 seconds, an older adult is in the hospital being treated for injuries that are the result of some kind of fall. This happens all the time. Does it mean that if you use a cane you will never have a fall? Of course, it doesn’t.

At the same time, when you need a little help with your balance, using a cane will definitely lower the chances that you will end up in the hospital emergency room every 11 seconds. Life can be very fruitful at any age. Just because you might not have the balance capabilities you once did does not mean that you can’t adjust. Using a cane is only a small adjustment to make.

Not for nothing, canes are also classy. We always think of the older people in the movies who have canes as being sophisticated and suave. It is no different in real life. Canes, in addition to helping you stay on your feet, give you an air of class that only can come with a life fully lived.

There are all kinds of canes for sale. Find one that is just right for you and rock it.