Why Pay Exorbitant Rents in a Larger City When You Could Design Your Dream Home Tomorrow?

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One of the most significant influences on the American real estate market in the last ten years is the rise of the telecommuting worker. Although there are only about 3 million Americans who work from home right now, the number of telecommuting workers is rising steadily around the world. Businesses find themselves under extraordinary pressure to cut costs, and having employees who can utilize the internet to connect to clients can save tens of thousands in rental costs every year.

In the past decade, there has also been a significant rise in the number of small business owners who sell their artwork and other crafts via the internet. Millions of artists and craftspeople offer original work, posting record profits of more than $900 million every year. Looking to retire by 30? Artists who sell their work on the internet are choosing to skip big-city life in favor of single family homes in smaller planned communities.

What would you do if you could work from anywhere in the country? Studies show that more home buyers want customized, modern home plans. A home is such an important investment, and buyers are asking established home builders like Taylor Morrison Homes for guidance in achieving their perfect new home. One of the newest trends in luxury design and build is ecological sustainability. New home buyers who begin working with a home builder want to ensure that their home is built to last, with minimal damage to the environment and low heating and cooling costs.

A self-sustaining community established through a new home builder like Taylor Morrison Homes could include a dedicated conservation group for the surrounding wetlands or mountains. Artists and chefs who want to avoid living in larger cities are very excited about contributing to their local communities, and although they may offer their services to a worldwide audience via the internet, they still want to have a feeling of community in their local area. Buying new homes in planned communities can offer American small business owners — who may spend long days working from their home offices — the chance to meet and mingle with their peers.

Some planned communities offer local artists the chance to
market their wares to their neighbors, along with a chance to network and socialize with fellow small business owners. Builders like Taylor Morrison Homes offer planned communities with “green” amenities in a variety of locations, and buyers continue to report that saving money on heating and cooling costs is among their top priorities. New home buyers consistently want updated appliances, ample storage space, a feeling of community, and central air, and are willing to invest in planned communities that have a strong sense of environmental stewardship.

Recent surveys of American business owners indicate that every telecommuting employee saves them more than $10,000 every year. Enhanced creativity and productivity are among the most consistently reported benefits of working from home; in the wake of massive outsourcing efforts by many large American employers, more business owners want to offer their products and services with a minimum of startup costs. New home builders like Taylor Morrison Homes can offer their clients the chance to customize a home office, and buyers who enter the real estate market for a new home are quick to envision the potential of their garages and extra bedrooms.

Maintaining a home office can also help small business owners when it comes time to do their taxes: the expenses associated with a home-based business are typically deductible, and buyers who are in the process of choosing a home builder are advised to talk with their builders about what they are looking for in a home office space. There are so many options for telecommuting workers to shine in today’s digital economy: once given the chance to get away from the fast-paced lifestyle of larger cities, many American business owners are more than willing to take the leap to a suburban or rural planned community.