Beach Vacations Provide Families Time to Relax

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As you began looking at your family’s 2016 calendar, it was already looking pretty hectic. Between a church work trip to Tennesse and two weeks of band camp for your high school daughter and an early return to campus to be an orientation mentor for your college daughter, days for a family vacation were very limited. A late night discussion with your family, however, encouraged you to make reservations for a beach rental the first week after Memorial Day.
When you announced the vacation at the beach to your daughters they were excited. Their first thoughts were of playing in the surf, tanning on the beach, and shopping at the nearby mall. As the arrival of the vacation nears, however, they are especially looking forward to down time. Time away from classes, time away from work, and, interestingly enough, time away from technology. The girls have told their dad that they will leave their cell phones shut off if he agrees to take some real time away from work. No emails, no conference calls, no work of any kind.
Looks like this quickly planned vacation at one of the first beach rentals you have ever booked is going to be a hit.
Do You Have Summer Vacation Plans?
An enticing location like beach rentals so near the ocean you can go to sleep to the sound of the waves is a pretty good way to get your family’s attention. Everyone may thing that they are too busy to take a few days off, but once you show them the options for beach rentals they may be asking for more, not fewer, days of vacation. In fact, when asked if they could only take one vacation a year, nearly 33% of respondents indicated that they would select the beach. Another 10% said they would chose spending time with family. Not surprising then that finding beach rentals that are the correct size for accommodating your family is a perfect solution.
And while many families think about beach rentals during the summer, these properties can also be great spaces for winter holiday gatherings. Christmas or Thanksgiving in one of the many available beach rentals in a place like North Carolina can provide a perfect setting for holiday festivities. With less of the chaos that Christmas normally entails, a beach holiday can be informal, relaxed, and memorable. Something about the sound of the waves just encourages a slower pace. Did you know, for instance, that 60% of Americans confess that they enjoy doing nothing but relaxing when they are at the beach? While 13% indicate that they like to take some time during beach vacations to exercise, the overwhelming majority love the slower pace that allows them to rest, read books, and have long, memorable conversations.
Today’s world is a busy place, We have meeting after meeting at work, games, concerts, and homework in both high school and college, and internet connection 24/7. Beach rentals provide families the opportunity to get away from the hectic schedule of daily life. Get away and relax, rejuvenate, and get reacquainted with each other.