Why Charity Matters Three Reasons to Donate Clothing to Children in Need

Purple heart charity pick up

When it comes to raising children, the costs of keeping up with their evolving needs can be high. One thing that many parents can struggle with is the cost of clothing for their children. While some parents are able to cut costs by shopping in secondhand and consignment shops, these strategies are sometimes not enough to keep expenses low. What do parents do in these situations? Many turn to children in need clothing donations to help give their children proper outfits for school, play, and even formal events.

Why should you give children in need clothing for their everyday activities? Overall, the practice of donating clothes can go a long way in helping families in need. Many people rely on donated clothing. However, it also has other uses that many people don’t consider. Here is a brief list of the benefits of charitable clothing donations.

    1. It helps children. Many parents struggle to put food on the table, especially with the economic troubles that so many have experienced during the recession. As a result, these parents often have to budget, and this could leave their children growing out of their clothing. Some families may use hand-me-downs from previous siblings, but not all families have them. By giving children in need clothing, either new or gently used, you can ensure that they will have clothes for all seasons.

    2. It helps you. If your children have already outgrown their clothing, it could just be sitting in your home collecting dust. Don’t put off that spring cleaning project. You can help other families by donating your children’s used clothing to charity. Charities then take that clothing and either donate it to the needy or sell it in secondhand shops and use the proceeds to help those same families. Many of those thrift stores give work to the parents in those families if they need it. It’s a win-win for everyone!

    3. It helps the environment. Every year, millions of tons of clothing and textiles wind up in landfills, even though the vast majority of them are salvageable. By donating to charity, you help to either reuse or recycle your family’s clothing, so it doesn’t pollute the environment. This method of going green is beneficial for the planet and for people!

If you want to know more about how you can help others, contact one of your local charitable organizations to see how you can get involved. Want more ideas? Leave a comment below! Read more.