The Importance Of Supporting Veterans And Military Families

Donating clothing to charity

Now more than ever, Americans are eager to show their support and appreciation for the sacrifices veterans and military families have made. Donations for military families, such as clothing donations or volunteering time, are a common ways of helping military families and veterans. Regardless of how American choose to donate, they can feel satisfaction knowing that their efforts in helping military families is greatly appreciated by those in need.

Clothing donations are not only an excellent way of helping military families and veterans, they’re also beneficial to the environment and the economy, which are also concerns for many Americans. In fact, almost 100% of discarded clothing can be recycled or reused. Recycling gently used clothing significantly reduces landfill waste. For example, in 2006, a whopping 2.5 billion pounds of fabric were kept from landfills due to used-clothing purchases. Additionally, the textile recycling industry accounts for nearly 17,000 jobs across the United States. Charities and organizations across the country have made helping military families and veterans easier and more convenient than ever before by offering clothing donations pick ups. This service allows Americans to make charitable donations from the comfort of their own homes.

There are so many different ways of helping military families and veterans. By support this great cause, Americans can feel feel confident that their contributions are making a difference in the lives of those in need.