What Should I Know Before Buying A New Home?

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Are you looking to buy a home? One of the most important aspects for people trying to craft a new life for themselves is finding the ideal location that can help them blossom to the fullest of their potential. The name of the game is “Location, location, location!”, after all, and an environment that doesn’t nurture you and your loved ones is not one worth considering. Some states have proven more popular than others, whether it’s Oregon’s yearly Lebanon Strawberry Festival or the West coast’s brilliant beaches, and their unique characteristics can help inform your decision down the road.

Did You Know?

Let’s start off with a few fun facts. Buyers will generally search for 10 weeks and look at an average of 10 homes before coming to a final decision. Searching for homes is no soft task! Small additions, such as a well-maintained lawn, can greatly affect a homeowner’s decision to purchase. Last, but certainly not least, many homeowners-to-be like to peruse the local art scene and community events to encourage their hand, such as downtown galleries, the independent music scene and reoccurring celebrations such as the Lebanon Strawberry Festival in Oregon.

First-Time Home Buyers

It’s not easy being a first-time home buyer, with a crowded market vying for your attention and every option looking as good as the next one. Studies have shown over 30% of all buyers being new to the process, which means a little research will definitely help you get your feet wet and help you browse with confidence. A significant portion of buyers, at 32%, wished to avoid renovations and issues with plumbing or electricity.

Home Searching Tactics

The Internet is one of the most reliable repositories of accessible information out there. As a result, the majority of people searching for homes will browse reviews and look up photos before committing to a tour date. Buyers who didn’t use the Internet spent only an average of five weeks searching for a house, while those that did searched at least 10 weeks. The majority of Internet users found quality photos to be one of the most helpful parts of their search.

Market Outlook

There are a few common tips pushed by real estate market professionals and landscapers alike. The first is to invest in a landscaping plan prior to selling your home if that’s the route you wish to take, as even a simple shrubbery addition or renovated lawn can increase the ROI of your house by a significant margin. First time buyers comprised 33% of the American housing market just a few years ago, with the average age of buyers 31 years old.

Popular Events

Are you interested in the surrounding culture of your new home? Oregon is still considered the hub of art and music, heading the yearly Lebanon Strawberry Festival alongside comic book conventions and the downtown music scene. The Lebanon Strawberry Festival, in particular, is a fun event that originated in the early 1900’s and is home to the world’s largest strawberry shortcake.

Buying Your Home

Keeping these tips in mind will help ensure your home buying decision is a meaningful and long-lasting one. Browsing Internet reviews and double-checking your sources will ensure you don’t fall into a scam, while contacting a real estate agent can help smooth out the buying process. Your favorite location is particularly essential, as even the most beautiful home won’t mean much if you don’t care for the environment! Next time you’re considering renovating your life, keep this knowledge in your back pocket to ensure you’re not led astray.