5 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Corporate Event

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If you are planning a corporate event, you may be asking yourself, “How can I make this corporate gathering informative and enjoyable for those in attendance?” To put together a successful corporate event takes a lot of planning and careful foresight. While it can be a complicated process, hopefully, these five tips will help you get your event on the right track.

Coming up with a plan
Your first steps will be to write down a detailed plan, establish a reasonable timeline, and set goals you hope to achieve. Documenting your plan will be extremely helpful to keep everyone involved on the same page and leave no stone unturned.

Setting a budget
In order to allocate funds, you must have a realistic idea of how much each aspect of the event will cost. Research will be required to determine pricing and prevent avoidable deficits and overages. As always, document each part of the process. Write down all expenses, including decor, venue, food and refreshments, entertainment, etc. Get quotes so that you can properly calculate your budget.

Look at corporate event venues
Choosing the best venue can set the tone for the entire corporate gathering. Visit each venue; pictures can sometimes be deceiving, and you might find it difficult to envision the full scale and atmosphere if you don’t see it yourself. Make sure your venue is large enough to seat attendees without cramming too many people into one small space during meetings and dining. Too little space will make people uncomfortable and cranky.

Design your program
What will your corporate event entail? What is the purpose of this gathering? Set up a program of activities that won’t make guests feel rushed, bored, or overwhelmed. Keep each session relatively short and appropriately break up meetings with breaks and fun activities that will allow attendees to stretch their legs and rest their minds.

Book the entertainment
This portion of the event is often overlooked; however, it is incredibly important. Good entertainment has the power to energize the crowd and inspire them. Booking quality corporate event entertainment can make the difference between hosting an unforgettable event and a lackluster, long, and painfully dull business meeting.
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