What Not To Do If Your Power is Out

Power outages are inevitable. no matter where you live, you will likely loose power at some point. this could be due to a thunder storm, windstorm, or any host of technical issue. In this video, you will about some things you should never do if your power is out. Instead, call your commercial electrician.

Firstly, never touch the circuit breaker if your power is out. There could be an electrical issue that would electrocute you.

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However, it is fine to look at it to see if there is visibly anything wrong. You could also look outside to see if any power lines are down or call your neighbor and ask them. Remember to never touch any downed powerlines.

The next thing you should never do is open the fridge. This would let all the cold air out of the fridge and let the warm air in. In the end, this will likely make your food spoil much faster than if you left it closed. A closed fridge can maintain its temperature for four house while the freezer can last for days if fairly full.