How to Enjoy the Spring Season Coming Up

Spring will soon arrive; time to have some fun! Spring is that time of the year that brings rebirth to our environment. Flowers start to blossom, grass becomes greener, and trees grow and become lively again. The sun will soon bring rays of sunshine while enjoying the cool breeze, which gives us that positive energy and vibe. So, how do you plan to enjoy your springtime with your family this year? Here are the top 31 most amazing ways to celebrate your spring. You’ll find ideas for kids of all ages and families. In fact, there’s something here for everyone!

Attending the Opening Day of Baseball

Many baseball tournaments start their seasons around April — on April 1st, especially for MLB — making spring a perfect time to sit through a game. Is there any game to watch out for other than one being played on an opening day? You might not become a regular baseball fan unless you’re already one, but trust me, you’ll have fun even if you watch it just that one time.

Bake a Seasonal Pie

Each season has its seasonal pie, and your option for spring might be the most diverse of them all. You can get mouth-watering recipes online for seasonal pies from cherry to apricot during this season. There’re numerous donut bakeries tutorials offering dozen of options for pies you can bake this Easter feast.

Climb a Tree

Springs come with greener scenery and warmer weather. So, it makes some amazing time to get out and climb a tree as it’s returning to life. Climbing a tree is a fun activity, no matter how old or young you’re. Just ensure you do it safely.

Dine Al Fresco

Al fresco is an Italian word simply meaning to dine outdoors. It’s an amazing activity, particularly during the summertime. However, you can (and should) start your al fresco a little bit earlier. The air is wonderfully crisp for you to dine outdoors in the spring season. It’s also much easier to get a restaurant with an uncrowded terrace area to dine in.

Eat Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is a delicious and easy-to-prepare dessert that’s fantastic for the spring! It’s is one of the classic desserts in summer. However, berries like strawberries make spring desserts taste a whole of sweeter and fresher. You shouldn’t let this spring heat up into summertime without “shortcakeing” it up first.

Feed the Ducks

Springs come along with warm-weather picnics and walks at the park, and the ducks start emerging in the ponds, rivers, and lakes at parks or other areas. Feeding the duck — carefully by not forgetting how much you feed them — is a happy activity for your little ones, though adults can find enjoyment in doing it too. However, instead of bread, feed the ducks with seeds, oats, rice, or grapes cut in half. Try it out — it’s much enjoyable!

Flower Picking and Sightseeing

It’s the season for flowers to blossom everywhere! It’s a sight to see various flowers beds. Take your Instagram- worthy shots, and if you’re lucky, you can pick favorite flowers to bring home. Just ensure it’s allowed to pick one.

Be Active with the Fambam

New season, new you! Jokes aside, make it a habit to stay active and healthy every day by jogging, biking, or walking. Bring your kids and have some workouts in your neighborhood or a park.

Watch Outdoor Movies

Why attend various theater events when you can create one at your home? You can have a Netflix and a chill, kind night, family edition. It goes well with backyard camping, too. Use a white screen and a projector to achieve this family bonding funfair. No white screen? Don’t worry! You can have a DIY screen using a white cloth strung that’s attached to a wall. Then use a nice sound system to make the outdoor movie night more fantastic.

Treasure Hunt

Organize a treasure hunt whereby you let your kids accomplish some missions whenever they find various items on your list. There’s a lot of themes and ideas you might think of; it might be anything under the sun or spring-related. Also, you can provide them with cue cards of their missions and a trail guide where the items are.

Dress Up and Go Easter Egg Hunting

One way to celebrate Easter, which falls under spring, is by dressing your kids like Easter bunnies and hunting some Easter eggs. Several communities or parks organize such activities, but you can do it in your neighborhood, too.

Go Fishing

Do your kids love fishing, especially in rivers? Don’t worry if you don’t have your fishing gear, because you can rent some for a good price. You might even borrow some poles from your buddies or family members to lower the cost. Either way, go fishing to create a great time for family conversation and develop patience together.

Kite Flying

Your kids will like heading out on a windy day and flying kites. No matter how old your kids get, they will never get tired of seeing kites flying in the sky. Also, have some little fun competition to avoid making it a boring family affair. Have a “prize” for the person who keeps their kites in the air for the longest.

Go Bird Watching

Spring is a migrating time for birds — when they return to the Northern hemisphere after spending winter in warmer areas. That makes spring a fantastic season for bird-watching since they’re gathered in large groups and are easier to see. It will help if you buy a bird-watching book to find out how many you’ll see.

Watch the Sunrise

The deeper into spring it gets, the earlier the sun rises. If you don’t rise early, it might be harder for you to watch a sunrise every morning. However, try to watch a sunrise at least once, if not severally. It’s a gorgeous and earlier wake-up that might leave you surprisingly awoken and refreshed for the day.

Walk Barefoot on the Grass

Make your kids toss aside their socks and shoes to feel the texture of freshly grown grasses once it has returned from hibernation. There are several health benefits for walking barefoot, like improving balance and control, plus strengthening your mobility and muscles and mechanics.

Take a Road Trip

Spring is a fantastic time for road trips because the weather is friendly, but the crowds are smaller compared to a couple of months later for a peak season. Road tripping during springtime provides your family with enjoyment due to the new lush and blooming scenery along the road.

Take a Tandem Bike Ride

Tandem bikes are designed to be ridden by several people – two to three at a time. They make for an amazing afternoon bicycle ride along the riverside or through a park with your family or a close friend. You’ll be guaranteed laughter and joy into your sunny spring day.

Spring Clean Your Space

Spring cleaning is a universal activity where you clean and re-design your home with your kids. You can do bath remodeling and finally get that new shower you wanted. You could also look into the best interior designer services and get professional help for tackling your in-home projects. Your kids will enjoy such a house cleanout activity.

Skip Stones in a Lake

Did you know that stone skipping has grown to more than just a simple childhood game, and it’s currently a competitive game? I know, it blows my mind, too! So, it’s more encouraging and compelling for us to return to the old days of stone skipping on a lake — or maybe learn how to do it!

Shop at a Farmer’s Market

The Spring season creates a season for farmers’ markets. So, get your family a load of fresh vegetables and fruits for tonight’s dinner. One of the healthiest and yummiest of the spring bucket list ideas! Farmer’s markets, especially at happy hour specials, are a good place to take your kids and shop for fresh farm products. You can find great products like asparagus, artichokes, rhubarb, radishes, peas, and parsley in the spring season.

Spring is a season of fresh and new activities. So, if you haven’t taken your family to farmer’s markets, then it’s time you plan a one-weekend visit before the spring ends.

Balloon Battle

The preparation for this game is a riot on its own. When filling up your water balloon, you’re like to have many popping out. It just adds fun! Begin the battle immediately after the water bucket is filled with balloons. If it’s too cold for water, fill your balloons with air and now go to the basement to swat them around.

Dance in the Rain

Let your kids experience dancing and playing in the rain! It’s a memorable and wonderful experience they can’t forget. Or better yet, you can join them as you splash and dance in the rain.

Learn New Sports

Play sports like swimming, tennis, badminton, baseball, or Frisbee with your kids. It serves as a family bonding activity and teaches your kids to remain healthy and active. You can contact a swimming pool contractor and find out if you can have a pool in your backyard. Kids love swimming; let them learn!

Play an April Fool’s Day Prank

April Fool’s Day happens every 1st April. As long as your prank isn’t cruel or overly cliché, it can be a joyous and fun day for your family. Search for more ideas for a joyous prank but harmless for your kids.

Taking a “Tweety Hike”

Take your family around the neighborhood or on some nature trails. Take along binoculars or a camera. Let your kids listen carefully and identify some singing birds. Watch how they sing, what they do, and how they’re made. While repeating this, let your kids recognize each bird’s song and sing it.

Plant a Spring Garden

Don’t wait until summer sets in to start planting and preparing your epic seasonal garden. You can start it during spring, especially if you plan to plant vegetables and fruits in addition to flowers. Some vegetables and fruits expected to be planted during the spring season are cucumbers, garlic, onions, potatoes, honeydew, and broccoli.

Paint Rocks

This fantastic family activity combines both indoors and outdoors and works amazingly for house painting and as something to offer as a gift. You might even leave the painted rocks in various areas as a random act of kindness! You only need to find a flat rock and let your creative and colorful ideas flow.

Make a Dandelion Wish

Of windflowers, dandelions are the ones that get the least and the most love. Yes, they might not be the most lovey flowers that grow on the roadside, but they grow in big groups in one area, creating a gorgeous sight to marvel at. However, they return to seeds that resemble puffballs, which fly away when blown once they blossom. So, make your kids blow on them as they make wishes; it just might come true!

Backyard Camping

Pull out your tents and have a family camping in your backyard. You can grill some steaks, barbeques, hotdogs, and have a bonfire for your kids to do smores. Enjoy your night out, and have a fantastic stargazing night. If you guys are lucky enough, you might see a shooting start pass by!

Backyard camping is especially enjoyable during major family events, perhaps your kid’s birthday. Remember to check custom t shirt services as this could make the party, even more, memorable experience. T-shirts for birthday parties are definitely a great way to spice up the occasion.

Make Spring Rolls

Celebrate the spring in the kitchen with your family trying out this amazing recipe. Springtime is a period of trying something new and fresh. Maybe you’ve tasted spring rolls. It’s a well-presented and easy-to-follow recipe that your family can enjoy. Have fun!

Ah, isn’t it fun when spring comes around? The sun rises earlier and sets later, the trees get green again, and flowers bloom. Gone is cold and snow, replaced by warmer weather. I hope the above spring bucket list brings a bundle of joy to you and your family.