How Stone Slab Can Elevate Your Home

Stone slab has been used in homes throughout history. As technology advanced we started to have many different options when it came to the type of stone and how we were using it. In the video titled, “How To Make A Statement With Stone In Your Home,” by, the endless creative possibilities of stone, with marble having a focus, are discussed.

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For example, if you’re thinking of getting a marble countertop, you must understand that classic white and grey marble is not the only combination.

What makes the different patterns and color combinations on marble, is dependent on where the marble came from. More specifically, the different materials that are in the ground with the marble are going to have an effect on how it looks. The process in which the marble is cut also has an impact on the pattern. Cutting a slab horizontally is going to look a little different than a vertical cut.

The size of the stone slab is dependent on the type of stone. This is important to take into account because if you are looking to add stone to a room it may be hard to find certain slabs that are big enough.