What do You Need to Know about Buying Affordable New Furniture? Three Facts

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Did you know that the folding chair has a surprisingly long history? Folding chairs have been found in Thebes, Egypt, that date back to 1450 B.C.E. Back then, chairs were considered one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house, and were reserved for nobility. Today, we all like having chairs in our homes, whether we are royalty or a family living in Virginia. Are you on the hunt for new furniture? Here are three tips for finding good quality cheap furniture.

1. The Right Furniture for the Right Occasion

If you want to get the most out of your money, you need to be smart about it. In high traffic areas, especially when you have kids, you want to focus on a blend of durability and low price. Leather, for example, can be a good investment since it lasts, on average, three times as long as other materials, and it can be easily cleaned when spills occur. How can leather be affordable, though? Discount furniture stores offer many options. Often, getting furniture in a set will be cheaper than buying everything separately. On the other hand, for areas used rarely, like your dining room, it is easier to use more affordable materials, such as linen.

2. Work the Furniture Outlet

Are you ready to take that trip to the store? Write up a budget first of how much you are aiming to pay, and try to stick to it. This will help you avoid sales pitches for unnecessary extras. When you go to discount furniture stores, some of the furniture might have small flaws that prevent it from selling at full price. Often, these flaws are barely noticeable, and you can save a lot of money this way. Buy furniture at the end of the month, since most retail furniture stores decide then what they want to keep selling or get rid of. If they decide to discontinue a line, you can often pick it up at a discount.

3. Check it Out in Person

Worried that you’ll end up spending three weekends going from store to store in order to find good quality cheap furniture? Going online can be a handy solution. It is easy to search for the exact color, materials and sizes you are looking for, and you can get an idea of which pieces are best for your budget. Once you get your list paired down to a handful of furniture items you really like, though, you should go see it in person, especially if it is something where comfort is important. Coloring in pictures is often not entirely accurate, and a material might be less comfortable in real life than it appears to be online.

What are your secrets for finding good quality cheap furniture?