Looking for Fun for the Whole Family?

Fun games for family

Are you a career driven parent whose long work hours have led you to feel disconnected from your loved ones? Are you a stay at home mom who just wants to bring everybody together with fun for the family? With everyone’s hectic schedule it can be hard to bring people together for an extended period of time. Never fear! Here are five easy ways to generate fun for the family!

  1. Go to the Movies (in Your Own Home)
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    The Learning Channel recommends having a movie marathon in your own home to bring everyone together in a fun, cheap, time effective way. Heading to the theater with a family of four can add up quickly. However, with services like Netflix and bagged popcorn you have have all the fun for less than half the cost without having to travel!

  3. Get Outside
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    The summer presents rare opportunities for great fun for the family. Get out there and start a campfire. Kick the soccer ball around. Teach your son how to grill his first hamburger. The options are limitless. Susan Adcox of About.com recommends teaching your kids the games you grew up playing as a way of bonding with them. Kick the Can, for example, is one of many free family activities you can do outdoors.

  5. Video Games
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    According to the ESRB, 67% of American households play video games. Why not take advantage of that and play family friendly video games with your kids? Hasbro, for example, makes a Family Game Night series of games available on the Wii and XBox 360. You can bowl, you can play darts, and you can play classics like Monopoly!

  7. Try New Food
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    Fun family dinners are a great way to bring everybody together. Head to a new restaurant you have never been to before and try new things. If you are an especially adventurous family, why not head to a restaurant that specializes in Indian or Japanese food? Unusual tastes are a lot less scary when you are with friends and family. Plus, imagine the great story you can tell about the time you all tried sushi together!

  9. Go on a Fun Family Vacation
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    Perhaps the most difficult thing for busy parents to plan is a family vacation. Work gets busy and money can be tight. However, did you know there are fun family vacation spots near you? Your backyard can turn into a great location for camping. If you live near the lake, you can take a day trip to go fishing, sailing, or tubing. Do not limit yourself by thinking that a vacation has to be long, expensive, or far away.

Life can get crazy for every member of your family. However, being able to hit the pause button and come together is extremely important. Take advantage of these five tips for fun for the family and watch the smiles come out.