Family Game Night

Family game night

The HUB Family Game Night show is a television series that appears to be based on assorted popular board games. It first started in 2010 and has completed two seasons. According to its Wikipedia page, the HUB Family Game Night show embraces a variety of family game night games such as Cranium Brain Breaks, Green Scream, Ratuki Go Round, Simon Flash, Operation Slam Dunk, Trouble Pop Quiz and Spelling Bee. While I am not familiar with the Hub Family Game Night Game except for what I just read online, I have to say that is has awakened in me family game night ideas for my own family. And I am excited to learn there is a family game night show, it sounds cute.

When it comes to our family game night Xbox has been at center stage. But that is because of my kids. When it is my turn to pick the game I usually go for one of the old classics like Monopoly or something like that. I am thinking now that this Hub Family Game Night game is really getting my wheels turning about my own family game night. I will ask my kids about the show and see if they heard of it. Maybe from the show we can get some new ideas for what to play as I am nut much into their Xbox and they are not much into my old board games. No accounting for taste there.

This Hub Family game night show also got me thinking that my family would have a blast at on a TV game show. Seriously, we would be an amazing team too. We probably would not get any points and we probably would not win or anything, but we would be entertaining as all get out! I am totally going to try to talk them into it.