Veteran Locates And Returns Over 100 Purple Heart Medals To Families Of Soldiers

Organizations that help military families

Zachariah Fike, a captain in the Vermont National Guard began his quest to return lost and stolen Purple Heart medals when he was given one as a gift. Since then, Fike has returned over 100 stolen or lost Purple Heart medals to the families and relatives of the original recipients. The majority of recipients were awarded this prestigious medal after being killed in combat.

The military order of the Purple Heart resonates with Fike. In 2012, he created Purple Hearts Reunited, and since that time has accumulated another 300 Purple Heart medals to deliver to families. Unfortunately, the fallen service members’ medals and other belongings are often lost in estate sales, found packed away in basements and attics, or sometimes found in pawn, thrift, or antique stores if stolen. The medals have been pouring in at a rate of at least three to five per week.

Fike, 33, is a 16-year veteran as well as an avid an antiques collector. He was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, to parents who both served as in the military as well as U.S. Army drill sergeants. Fike was given a Purple Heart medal from his mother as Christmas gift in 2009. However, knowing the medal didn’t truly belong to him, Fike was inspired to locate the original recipient and return it to its rightful owner.

However, before he could do so, Fike was awarded a military order of the Purple Heart medal of his own when he was wounded in a rocket attack while working as a logistics officer in Afghanistan in September 2010. Since that time, Fike has continued showing his support for military families and veterans alike.

Helping military families is cause that resonates with almost all Americans. By making charitable donations to local and national organizations that help military families and veterans, Americans are truly making a difference in the lives of these brave individuals.

Clothing donations are a perfect example of how American can show their support for military families, as well as the environment. Nearly 99% of clothing and fabric that is discarded can be recycled. Making clothing donations significantly reduces landfill waste and pollution.
The military order of the Purple Heart is composed of brave men and women who received a Purple Heart medal for wounds suffered in combat. However, all veterans and their families deserve support. Regardless of how Americans choose to give back to the military community, they can feel confident that their efforts are truly appreciated.