Tips for Picking the best Wedding Reception Location

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Choosing a wedding reception location is one of the most important details in planning a wedding. This is the location that your guests will remember and at which many of your photos will be taken. When choosing a wedding location, remember to stay true to the feeling of your wedding. This is your day! Whether you are looking for a feel of elegance, rustic charm, or just a simple energy and cheer keep this theme in mind. Don’t forget to consider the outdoors! Today 35% of weddings are now outdoors, some for both the ceremony and reception. After you are engaged, start to look for a wedding venue early, the best time to book is about 9 months to a year before your wedding.

Don’t Forget the Checkbook!

When planning your ceremony and reception locations, be sure to ask how they do their pricing some locations do rentals by the hour, while some have a standard banquet hall rental agreement which covers fees for most expenses that you will incur. Keep in mind that prices can also vary by season. For example, booking in June might be considerably more expensive than booking in February. June is the month popular month to get married, accounting for 15% of all weddings.

Keep Guests in Mind

When choosing a location, you want to make sure that your guests are comfortable. This is your wedding, but you want everyone else to have fun too! Consider locations that will be enjoyable for everyone on both sides of the family.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

Many locations that typically host corporate events or even baby showers also often have room for a reception. You may also save some on price if you choose to go with a slightly non-traditional location. Outdoor wedding venues are also very trendy, and can come with beautiful scenery. Wherever you choose to have your reception, it will be a beautiful day.

Where did you have your wedding reception? Planning your day and already signed a banquet hall rental agreement? Let us know where below!