Details of the Luxury Home

Luxury home builders charlotte nc

Why a Custom Home?

Consumers today value high quality and individuality, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the rising desire for custom house designs. Custom home builders allow the future home owner to specify which elements are most important to them, resulting in a luxury home that was actually built just for them. Although the custom details will vary from home to home, elements such as energy efficiency, added comfort in details like padded carpet and heated floors, and grand kitchens are common wants when designing their custom home plans.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

When building a custom home, people fully expect the most energy efficient home money can buy. Details such as double-paned or vinyl-framed windows, which can lower energy costs up to 24% in hot summers and cold winters, are standard. Insulation is obviously of consideration when looking at energy efficiency, and often spray foam insulation is used. Spray foam insulation can reduce heating costs up to 50% when compared to traditional insulation. Other touches like convection ovens and geothermal systems are also considered by custom house builders.

Coming Home to Luxury

Custom home buyers represent the top of the building market, and this is represented in how they outfit their home. Luxury amenities such as stone bathtubs and infinity pools are very popular, and allow the consumer to come home and relax; exactly what someone wants in a house. Some other more unique touches in custom house designs can include an at home spa room, wine cellar and tasting room, outdoor kitchen, mini vineyards, exercise rooms, geothermal heating and cooling, and even solar panels in some locations. These details are exactly what makes a luxury home a luxury home, and at least some of these details are present in almost every designer home plan.

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