Sleeping Soundly Doesn’t Have to be an Unrealistic Dream

Beds adjustable

Sometimes we just can’t sleep. Whether it’s stress, chronic pain, something that isn’t quite right with our health, our spinning minds, sometimes drifting off just seems so unattainable, however desirable it may be. And if we end up lying there for over 15 to 20 minutes at once without blissfully nodding off, it could actually make it even harder to finally fall asleep. One thing that can help is ensuring that we’re taking off for the dream world in the right shuttle — the bed. An adjustable mattress can make all the difference.

Why is an adjustable mattress a good choice?
A bed that fits to your body just sounds heavenly from the beginning, but if you need more convincing than that, consider that the National Sleep Foundation has said that an adjustable bed helps to take the pressure that can cause an uncomfortable and less than desirable sleeping position away from parts of your body that would suffer. It is a known fact that when we sleep, we are unconsciously moving in order to decrease pain, tension, and discomfort that poor sleeping positions can inflict upon us. Adjustable beds reduce that work for us.

What to look for in an adjustable bed
There are many styles of adjustable beds, and also many sizes, so whatever your preference, you will be able to find one that fits your body, your sleeping style, and your liking. Beds such as Craftmatic® Brand Adjustable Beds not only offer the range of motion to find the perfect position, but include adjustable bed mattresses that have the ability to heat and massage you into a restful sleep. This feature in particular offers relief for many, and helps even those with the most persistent sleep issues.

Beds with adjustable mattresses have been the answer to so many people’s sleeping problems. Why not join the ranks of the happy sleepers and dreamers?

Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds equipped with optional heat and massage also may provide temporary relief from: • Low Back Pain • Minor Aches and Pains Due to Muscular Fatigue or Overexertion • Edema or Swelling of the Legs • Poor Local Blood Circulation of the Legs • Symptoms of Hiatus Hernia • Nighttime Heartburn • Symptoms of Gastric Reflux • The optional heating accessory provides temporary relief from Mild Arthritis and Joint Pain, as well as Muscle Pain Associated with Stress and Tension • Sleeping in an upright position may Reduce or Ease Light and Occasional Snoring