Three Excellent Reasons for Donating Clothing to Charity This Winter

Charitable donations

Winter can be the most difficult time of the year for anyone but especially for people who are unable to stay warm and comfortable. For those without adequate food, shelter, and clothing, the winter months can be some of the longest of the year.

Fortunately, however, there are charity organizations that focus on helping families in need when the temperatures drop below freezing. One thing that charities look for during this time of the year is clothing because it can help just about everyone. If it’s been some time since you cleaned out your closets, here are three reasons you may want to consider donating clothing to charity:

    1. Donating clothing helps you. If you have children, you know that it’s easy for clothing to pile up over time. When that clothing no longer fits your children, though, it’s probably time to donate it. This helps you make room for the clothing that still fits, and it reduces clutter in your home.

    2. Donating clothing to charity is good for others. It should come as no surprise that clothing donations directly benefit members of your community. Some of that clothing is given directly to people in need; roughly 20% of all donations will be sold in thrift stores, where it’s affordable for families. When that clothing sells in a secondhand shop, the money it makes goes directly toward programs for the needy. There are plenty of families who need gently used clothing donations for their children, so be sure to give anything still in good condition to charities that serve families and kids.

    3. Donating helps the planet. Finally, did you know that donating clothing to charity can also play a role in saving the planet? Every year, Americans throw away as much as 12 to 13 million tons of clothing, and most of that could be salvaged and reused. By donating, you contribute less waste to the environment, which reduces the demand for more new clothing to be produced.

Have more questions about how you can donate clothing to the charitable organizations in your area? Leave a comment below.