Give on the Cheap and Still Make a Difference With Charitable Clothing Donations

Donating clothing to charity

Have you been looking to do a good turn? Are your closets overflowing with clothes you don’t wear or need anymore? Have you considered making a clothing donation? From veterans clothing donations to local clothing donations, almost every charitable organization will take clothing as a donation. During winter months especially, clothing donations can be incredibly welcome, to clothe the homeless or people in need. Instead of throwing out all those old winter coats or clothes that your kids don’t fit into anymore, why not give them a second life and another person a new set of clothes or a way to stay warm? It doesn’t require you giving any money or time, but is a wonderful act of kindness that can be appreciated by so many for years to come.
How Does a Clothing Donation Help Charity Organizations?
One reason charity organizations tend to welcome clothing donations and why so many have clothing drop off locations or pick up services is that their use can be multi-purpose. Veterans clothing donations, for example, can be used to offer a new set of clothes to someone looking to pick themselves back up after some hard luck. A new suit or pretty dress could give someone down on their luck the confidence boost they need to walk into a job interview with their head held high. In other cases, charity organizations may sell the used clothes at a discounted price to raise money for their charitable organization, for other types of outreach, like funding meals or educational programs.
How Do My Clothing Donations Affect the Environment?
It’s no secret that we throw a lot of things out that are perfectly good in this country, as part of the consumerist mindset. Sadly, almost 100% of all the textiles that get tossed on the trash heap every year are recyclable, even if they’re not in the best condition or quality-made. Just shy of 11 million tons of clothing are dumped in the landfill annually and the average American will individually send around 70 pounds of textile waste there every year as well. There’s another alternative though! You guessed it: charitable donations. In 2006, almost 3 million pounds of fabric were kept from being thrown away by being given a new purpose as secondhand clothes. About half of all the clothing that gets donated finds a new home in someone else’s wardrobe.
How Does Making Charitable Clothing Donations Benefit Me?
You may feel pounds lighter after you donate! Cleaning out your space — whether’s it’s the broom closet or your closet — can have a positive mental effect. (Those cleaning binges people talk about are real!) Even better, by making a donation, like veterans clothing donations, you’ll feel good about your philanthropy. Doing good has also shown to have a positive emotional and mental effect. Even better: you can go shopping again with all that new room in your closet! (And since Americans purchase double the amount of clothes that they used to 20 years ago, you’ll need that room.)
Not only will you feel better, you might even sigh with relief around tax time. Donations can help reduce your taxes, especially if you give to a charity with tax-exempt status (according to the 501(c)(3) section of the IRS code). Just make sure you get receipts for all your donations. You’ll also have to donate over $250 worth of material, but if you shop high-end or in bulk that shouldn’t be too difficult! Did you know, for example, that a man’s overcoat or suit could let you have up to $60 in a tax write-off?
If you’re a thrifter, you already love the people who make clothing donations. It’s how you find all your unique, fun, and quirky pieces. So why not add to that culture by doing some donating of your own? Make veterans clothing donations or children’s clothing donations a regular thing. You’ll be putting some goodness back in the world. What’s better than helping multiple people at one time? With such a simple act, you can change many lives, including yours!