Is Your Home Full of Toxic Chemicals? Why Americans Prefer to Build Custom Homes and Offices

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Due to rising concern about the presence of lead paint in older homes, American home buyers are increasingly looking for new home options. Lead-based paint can be difficult to remove from a home’s walls, and some homeowners are reporting high concentrations of chemicals in the soil around their homes. New home home builders are ready to cater to home buyers who want to build homes with ecologically-friendly appliances, solar power, and metal roof systems.

Most Americans report that they prefer homes for sale that are brand new. The market for custom home builds is robust: home builders are making use of recycled steel window frames, doors, and roofing materials. About half of all respondents to a recent survey indicated that they would either like to buy a new home from a reputable construction firm or to contract for a custom build; a top-quality new home with “green” appliances could save homeowners thousands every year in heating costs.

Local and state governments can often provide new home buyers with financial incentives to incorporate solar panels and metal roofing into their builds. New “thermally broken” steel doors and windows test high for fire safety and can also lower heating and cooling bills; new home home builders may find that the majority of their clients ask for energy-efficient widows, doors, and appliances.

Before building, home buyers are advised to test their properties for the presence of lead and other chemicals; existing water, gas, and sewer systems should also be repaired or replaced in advance of a custom build. New home home builders realize that most home buyers want walk-in closets, a garage, and low heating costs, and may also be able to connect home buyers with a local architect or design firm.

Home buyers may find that, instead of paying full price for marble or granite countertops, they are able to contract for a slightly flawed piece of stone for a much lower price. New home home builders excel when they can provide luxurious amenities for clients at manageable prices. Home theaters, outdoor entertainment areas, custom pools, and outdoor sports facilities are all frequently-requested amenities; custom home buyers may discover that finding their dream homes may be as simple as building it themselves.