Six Important Factors in Finding the Best Elder Care for Your Parents

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It is tough to accept when it is time to find elder care for your aging parents. Although your parents have always been a source of strength to you, realizing that they are no longer as independent as they used to be and need more help than you can offer on your own is a difficult pill to swallow.

Whether you are looking for elder care services for home care assistance, or need a live-in elder care facility for them, your greatest priority is probably making sure your parents are comfortable and receive great treatment. When you make the brave decision to look into elder care services for your mom and dad, finding the best senior home health care services can be overwhelming. While no one but you and your parents can determine the best fit for their needs, here are a few important things to consider:

  1. Consider the budget that your family can afford for elder care services, and what needs your parents’ have.
    Some senior healthcare services provide less hands-on assisted-living care, such as socialization and daily check-ins, but allow the residents to maintain a certain level of independence. Some help with more daily tasks, such as bathing, getting dressed, and eating, but without the need for intensive medical care. The most extensive elder care arrangements provide around-the-clock health care, as well as regular living assistance. The difference in prices can range from $1,000 a month to about $6,000 a month. Determining the level of assistance your parents need, as well as the amount your family can afford (in addition to insurance or other financial assistance you may have available) will help you find a solution that meets their needs and fits in their budget.
  2. Let your parents help make the decision, if they are able to.
    Your parent’s outlook and condition will fair best in a situation where they are happy and comfortable. If they are able to contribute to the decision-making process, let them take the wheel and find an elder care set up that they want to be in, with your guidance.
  3. Make sure the elder care arrangement jives with your parents temperament.
    If your parents are not able to personally choose the arrangement they are going to be in, try to consider what the best fit for their personality is on their behalf. If they are in a place where they don’t feel like they belong, and don’t enjoy being in, it will have a negative impact on their health, quickly.
  4. Do an extensive walk-through and inspection of the facility before agreeing to it.
    To ensure that you aren’t just being shown the nice side of the elder care facility you’re considering, pay it a visit at several different times of day, without an appointment. If you are always guided by the sales marketing person, they could filter what you are actually seeing and limit your ability to make an informed decision for your parents.

    If you are looking for elder care at home instead of a facility your parents will live in, make sure to interview the provider who will actually be working with your mom and dad. Make sure that you have a good feeling about them, and that your parents will be comfortable in their hands.
  5. Research the evaluations for the elder care service you are considering.
    Every elder care provider is subject to a number of official inspections, and may also have information available provided by the Better Business Bureau. Make sure to review these evaluations thoroughly before putting your parents in their hands. Read the details on any problems they’ve had; some deficiencies, such as minor facility upkeep is not as important as neglect to the residence.
  6. Be forward-thinking with your decision.
    It’s a hard fact to accept, but your parents will gradually need more care as time goes on (although this could possibly be years from now). Create a plan for when that happens, so that there are the least amount of changes and interruption to the world around them when more hands-on care is needed.

Taking the step towards elder care for your parents is tough, but if you take the time to make the right choice for them, it can benefit everyone.