A Good Night’s Sleep Takes A Good Day’s Planning

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Every day we learn more and more about how sleep and the lack of it can affect our lives in so many ways. When we examine the data on sleep, we see pretty clearly that the quality of your sleep during the night significantly affects how you function during the day. This is true for babies, adolescents, and adults young and old. In short, sleep affects everyone. So, if sleep affects everyone, then the logical question should be, how can we get the best possible sleep?

The key to getting the best night’s sleep possible varies from person to person, as you might imagine. Finding the right mattress for your body type and comfort level is a good place to begin. For babies, a nice solid mattress will usually do the trick if the bedding is comfortable for the child. Finding the correct size for a baby crib sheet and a baby crib sheet protector will keep the child comfortable while at the same time keeping the baby from getting tangles with an ill-fitted sheet. A mattress protector against bed bugs that goes on as the foundation of the bedding will also help keep baby safe and secure.

Young people, especially high school aged young people, are notorious for not getting enough sleep, especially during the school week. One of the reasons that this occurs is that, biologically and developmentally, teenagers rhythms are designed to stay up later and wake up later. The way our modern public school system is set up in most parts of the country has things completely backward. Teens should be starting their school day at a later time while the elementary grades, whose patterns tend to have them go to sleep earlier at night and wake up early in the mornings, should start their school days earlier.

Adults of every age have demands on their days and nights that often cannot be tamed by a bedtime schedule. As a result, finding the kind of bedding that will give the best sleep during the time permitted is paramount. Kids fitted sheets and a kids pillowcase are often bought to be quite durable. When shopping for them, you will often find a durable linen in any percale with a thread count of 200 to 800. This will give you a long lasting set of linens for you children. But for the adults in the home, a 400 thread count will be soft and light. If you go up to the 800 thread count, it will still be soft but dense.

Comfort isn’t the only issue to consider when buying bedding, however. You also need protection from outside influence that can really cause some serious damage, namely, bugs. Bed bugs can strike any home anywhere. A mattress protector against bed bugs can save you a great deal of money. Stopping these bugs and containing them with a protective base will help you get rid of them more quickly if you do ever have them. A mattress protector against bed bugs might not seem like a necessary purchase when you are buying new linens, but it will be the best purchase you’ve ever made if those little critters invade your home.