How Donating Clothes Can Change Lives

Helping military families

Did you know that charities across America get phone calls everyday that ask the same question: “where can I donate clothes?” Have you been one of those callers? If so, good for you. Donating your used clothing can change the life of a person in need. There are some things to know about organizations that accept clothing donations, and below are just a few:

1. When To Donate – The simple answer to this question is: whenever you can! Maybe you are the type of person who only cleans out your closet when spring cleaning arrives so you find yourself only donating once a year. Perhaps this year you ought to add in a Fall cleaning day so that you can donate twice as much as before. Remember, your slightly used clothing that is just hanging in your closet or is folded in a drawer not getting worn could really help out a person in your community who is struggling.

2. Who You Help – As we all know, charitable organizations often aim to help those who are struggling financially in the community. In fact, studies estimate that 80% of donated clothing in the United States is used by charitable organizations to help the needy. Another group that can be helped by your clothing donation is our country’s veteran population. As of 2012, the unemployment rate for United States veterans between the ages of 18-24 was over 20%. Veterans place their life on the line to keep those at home safe; the least we can do is help them in their time of need.

3. What Else You Can Do – Maybe you aren’t the person who calls to ask “where can I donate clothes,” because you don’t have any to give. If you don’t, then consider giving in other ways such at with time or money. These charities are able to stay open because of the funding they receive from donors, so the next time you are visiting their location, ask about adding an extra $5 or $10 to your bill as a one time donation. It will really mean a lot. Another way to give to these organizations is to volunteer. Often times they need people to help sort clothing and other items that they sell in the store, but can’t afford to pay a large staff. Giving of your time also makes a huge difference.

An estimated 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste is thrown out in the United States each year. The next time you find yourself thinking “where can I donate clothes” just remember that most organizations that accept clothing donations have some sort of web presence where you can either find their clothing drop off information or their telephone number. The goal of these organizations is to make it as easy as possible for you to help those in need.