Self Storage Units Are an Important Part of Many Communities

We are a country of collectors. From clothes that we no longer wear to furniture that we no longer use, Americans have so many items that they often look at self storage warehouses as the next best option. Much larger items like boats, RVs, and classic cars also require extra storage spaces. Across the country, there are a number of self storage warehouses that help Americans find the space that they need to store the items they use only on occasion.

Although some people make an effort to get donate or throw out the items that they do not use, the consumerism in this country seems to get the best of the majority of us. As a result, it seems apparent that there will continue to be a need for storage spaces into the future.

Self Storage Companies Offer a Number of Options for Their Customers

Professional storage units provide customers with own personal, private spaces to secure valuable vehicles and smaller belongings. The fact that many of these places offer round the clock access to their belongings. With security codes that track who is coming and going into a lighted and locked facility, for instance, people who need access to their belongings after hour or on the weekend can easily do so.

What are the things that you store in a your rented storage spaces? Are you someone who keeps all of the baby clothes that your children have ever worn? Are you are car enthusiast who has more vehicles that you can store in your garage? Maybe you are storing some of your old furniture that you hope your adult children will use when they move into their own apartments or homes. No matter what you have too much of, you are not alone. Consider some of these facts and figures about the storage industry in America and how it strives to meet the needs of consumers who simply cannot seem to quit buying more of what they want the most:

  • The latest statistics indicate that there are as many as 21 square feet of storage space for every household in the U.S.
  • In an effort to make sure that all customer belongings are kept secure at all times, many high quality storage unit facilities have electronic gates for extra security.
  • 20% of adults in the U.S. rented a storage unit to store their belongings as of 2012.
  • $3 billion in state and local taxes are contributed by the storage unit industry in the U.S. every year
  • For easy access and convenience, look for a storage unit that can offer access to belongings every day of the week.
  • Storage units with drive up access are convenient for loading and unloading belongings without walking up stairs or long distances.

If you have ever rented space in self storage warehouses you likely understand that there are many questions that you should ask before signing a contract. And while some of these spaces are less expensive than others, these may not have the all of the advantages that higher priced units offer.