Reducing Costs in your Yard this Summer

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans agree that it’s important to have a yard, but as the temperatures climb so do water bills, and it can seem like a yard is more trouble than its worth. Before you decide to do away with your yard altogether in favor of AstroTurf, here are a few ways to reduce costs in your garden.

Water at Night

Most expert gardeners already know this tip, but it bears repeating: watering your plants in the evening allows water to seep into the ground at night, allowing your plants to receive as much water as possible without the possibility of evaporation. Watering at night also allows you to spend time in your garden in the cooler air.

Buy Plants that are Indigenous to your Region

The average homeowner spends about four hours per week working on their lawn, but if you live in an arid climate or are in the midst of a drought, the grass may not get much greener. Many homeowners are now investing in plants that are native to their region, which are suited for the local climate, require less maintenance, and are available at your local nursery. If you are dead set on having a lawn, talk to experts at nearby garden centers to find a species of grass that is compatible with your climate.

Plant Tall Trees

In addition to creating an oasis in your backyard, tall shade trees provide effective cover from the sun. Studies show that a strategically planted tree or outcropping of trees can actually reduce your energy bill by 20%. While landscaping companies can help by digging those deep holes and planting trees for you, selecting and planting your own foliage is extremely satisfying. It’s no coincidence that Ernest Hemingway said planting a tree was one of the four tasks to achieve manhood.

Install Xeriscape

As many homeowners are opting to buy indigenous plants, so too are others in arid climates forgoing gardens altogether in favor of Xeriscape, or a desert-friendly landscaping design. Landscaping companies in desert regions can suggest rock formations and layouts that work with your home’s design, even if you are attached to the idea of a traditional garden. If you live in a desert region and want an attractive yard with little maintenance, this layout may be the best fit for you.

Nearly half of all homeowners use their outdoor spaces for relaxing, gardening, and to entertain friends. With a little planning and the help of trusted landscaping companies, you can turn your yard into the best place in your home to be.