Need to Decorate for an Event? Liven Up Your Party with These Great Linen Design Ideas

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Summer is almost here, and with the warm weather comes the perfect time for a party in your own backyard! From family barbecues and graduation parties to weddings and family reunions, there’s no limit to the kinds of outdoor parties you can have with those close to you. Getting tables, chairs, and tent rentals for an event is one thing, yet in order to make it a real party, you’ll also need to decorate, and beautiful table linens are the perfect way to make a statement.

Whether you have your own linens at your disposal or you plan on using party linen rentals, you can make a splash at your event this season with these three great tips for choosing linens:

    1. Decide on a color scheme. Sure, it may be easy to just choose whatever’s cheapest or on-hand, but if you’re having a big party, why not go for something bold? For summertime, especially, make sure to choose bright colors that will appear cheerful to your guests. Choose colors that are complementary or similar in shade for a striking look.

    2. Go non-traditional. Table cloths are often the first thing that comes to mind when people hear about party or wedding linens. However, you don’t have to use table cloths if you don’t want to. Say, for instance, that you’re holding a backyard party, and you have a great table made out of reclaimed wood. You can use a table runner instead, so you can do some decorating but still show off your stylish furniture.

    3. Rent rather than buy your party linens. Whether you need linens for a big event like a wedding or you have to get party linen rentals for small get-together, renting is sometimes a cheaper option than buying. In addition to table cloths and table runners, you can also rent napkins, chair covers, and sashes for your party. Many of these services also offer table and chair rentals and other supplies for events, so you can get everything you need delivered to you without having to stock up on your own furniture and

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