How to Live in the Lap of Loft Apartment Luxury on a Beer Budget

Manayunk apartments

It’s often assumed that living in lap of luxury comes with a hefty price tag. While this is often the case — especially with celebrities — it’s still possible to live quite comfortably on a beer budget while having a champagne taste. This is perhaps most readily seen luxury apartment rentals such as city loft apartments.

Many people choose to rent luxury apartments not only for their chic and stylish interiors, but for their amenities and convenience, including affordable rental rates. While it may come as a surprise, some of the best luxury apartments are actually quite affordable.

In fact, it’s common for many luxury city apartments to include certain utilities or conveniences such as round the clock maintenance into the monthly rental rate. This means you get a whole lot more bang for your hard earned buck. In addition, many people who rent luxury apartments are able to negotiate the rental rate. This can help to reduce costs.

Furniture can be expensive, however, furnishing your home doesn’t have to be. Due to their unique architectural and structural interiors, many of the most beautiful apartment buildings are incredibly easy to decorate and furnish. The nature of their interiors simply lends itself to fun and interesting decor.

When decorating a loft apartment for less, keep in mind that inspiration is free! Sure, designer furniture and home goods can be beautiful, but you can find similar and often more unique pieces for much less simply be keeping an eye out for them.

Second hand and thrift stores are an excellent way to find one of a kind pieces without breaking the bank. In fact, “thrifting” as become so popular than many choose to buy their home furnishings only at thrift or second hand stores, even if they can afford more expensive pieces. The rarity of the many of the items is priceless, even if they are inexpensive.