Is Your Mattress Keeping Your Relationship Unhappy?

Styles of adjustable beds

Moving in together was going to be a big step for Maura and Susan. They had been dating for two years and knew that it was time to take their relationship to the next level, but since they were both fully functional adults, they knew that combining their households would be a major chore. They were hoping to same some money for a future wedding or downpayment, so they had signed a lease at a quaint, one bedroom home. That meant they had to get rid of a lot of their belongings-and quickly.
They had a fairly easy time choosing which TV to keep and who had the better sofa. Choosing whose mattress to keep, however, was turning out to the battle of the ages. Maura had just purchased an expensive, king-sized mattress about a year ago. She hesitated to let go of something she had so recently made her own. Susan, however, was adamant that they keep her bed. She was a loyal devotee of Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds and Adjustable Mattresses and loved electric beds like she loved little else in the world. She had such a positive experience when shopping for electric beds, and since having one, had gotten better sleep than she ever knew possible.
Susan realized she had to set out on a mission to convince Maura that electric beds were clearly superior. First, she whipped up a computer presentation outlining all of the potential benefits of adjustable bed mattresses. If they kept Susan’s bed, they could bring up the top of it and feel supported like they were in a chair-while still being in bed! Plus, just a slight incline at the top or bottom of the bed might help Maura avoid pain she got from curling up her legs too tightly while she slept. Maura couldn’t argue with that-she agreed that she always did feel better after a night in Susan’s bed. Finally, Susan pointed out that even the National Sleep Foundation said that sleep on an adjustable bed may be more comfortable because you can take off pressure from certain areas of the body.
Maura couldn’t argue that Susan had made a strong case, but she still needed more. Susan decided it was time to pull out the big guns to convince her. Susan decided to intentionally keep herself up too late and wake up too early. Exhausted the next day and around Maura, Maura got to see how unpleasant a sleepy, cranky Susan is. It was like she was a whole different person. Susan slipped Maura a card that said “take away my electric bed and this could be your new normal.” Maura decided right then and there-the adjustable bed was there to stay.
After a few months of getting settled and adjusting to a new routine, Susan checked in with Maura about their decision to keep Susan’s bed and sell Maura’s. Maura couldn’t deny that even if Susan’s methods to convince her might have gone a little far, they led her to the right choice and the best sleep of her life.