Family Shocked By Snake Infestation In Dream Home!

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Whenever TV news writers are in a hurry to churn out hot fresh content about a dream house or luxury house plans, you’ll see this phrase pop up: “Their dream house was quickly turning into a nightmare!” It’s low hanging fruit for writers.

But one unfortunate Maryland family has truly earned the “nightmare house” phrase for all time.

Jeff and Jody Brooks of Annapolis, Maryland moved into their dream house in December 2014, only to discover some unexpected tenants squatting in their basement — an infestation of snakes living in their home’s walls. A pest control company said they found dozens of “snake tunnels” throughout the basement, which originally doubled as their toddler’s playroom.

Only months after the Brook’s moved in, their four year old son found a seven foot long black rat snake. Unfortunately, it was the first of many; so far, the family has found more than a dozen snakes, plus snake skins left behind by their reptilian neighbors.

It’s no longer uncommon for luxury house plans to include special features for pets, but for some reason these black rat snakes felt right at home.

“As they pulled back the onion, it only got worse and worse,” the family’s lawyer said. “It’s so bad that the family was told the only way to guarantee the snakes leave is to burn down the home and let it sit for 15 years.”

Custom home builders say that home buyers should get a thorough independent inspection of homes before they buy, if possible. Luxury home plans might show the house of your dreams on paper, but it might contain some surprises in real life.

Now, the Brooks are suing the woman who sold the house for $2 million. And if you’re planning to visit luxury home models while you shop for your dream home, make sure you check out the actual property, too. Otherwise your dream house could turn into the home of your worst nightmares (sorry, couldn’t resist!).