If You Are Selling Your Home, Here Are Four Things to Look for in a Realtor

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Finding a good real estate agent is critical when you’re selling your home. It’s difficult and emotional to sell a home, and your real estate agent is the crux of your experience. They play a huge role in the financial outcome of the sale of your home, and you will likely work with them for several months, so make sure you like them before you commit! If you’re looking for a broker to facilitate the sale of your home, here are some things to consider.

    1. Make sure your personalities don’t clash.
    You and your broker will work together closely during this transitional time in your life. It might not seem important, but if you don’t get along, things become a lot more complicated. Think of a boss or coworker who may have annoyed you — it’s not always easy to let go when you leave work. If something seems off when you meet with a broker, find someone else. Getting along with your realtor means more effective communication and potentially a faster sale.

    2. A broker who offers discounted services might not be the best choice.
    Think about it this way: your home is likely your most significant asset, so spending a little more on a capable, experienced, successful broker can mean a higher return when it comes to the final sale. You can also save time, because a top realtor is well connected with buyers who are looking for new homes for sale. A top real estate agency has more contacts, which means more potential buyers. This all adds up to one thing: a faster sale at or above your asking cost. If you go with a discount agent and it takes a year to sell your home below the list price, you will regret not choosing a more capable realtor.

    3. Talk to previous clients.
    This is something many people forget to do. It’s critical that you talk to other people who have used your broker to sell their home. Some agents may seem great at first, but their clients will tell a different story. If you’re wondering what to ask other clients, here are some ideas:

    • Was the broker available by phone to answer any questions you had?
    • Did the broker adequately explain the process of selling your home?
    • Was the broker able to stick to the agreed upon timeline?
    • Would you recommend this broker to a future client?

    4. Last but not least: find a creative real estate agent.
    This might seem unusual, but the best realtor will use unique and unexpected tactics to attract more buyers, and this will benefit you in the long run. For more information, read this website.