Three Cool Ways to Transform Your House Into a Home

Nautical home decor

There are three types of people in this world — those who are bursting with home decoration ideas, those who have no idea how they want to decorate their houses, and those who know just what they want. The trouble is that the first two groups have a lot of trouble decorating their houses. One has so many ideas it doesn’t know what to do with them, while the other simply has no clue what they should do.

The bad news is that the odds are pretty good you’re in one of these groups. The good news is that we’re here to help. Here are a few great suggestions you should consider when turning your house into a home.

An Artsy Bathroom.

As relaxing as an oceanic themed bathroom can be — with its cool colors and peaceful imagery — it’s pretty overdone. Why settle for the banal when you could really do anything you wanted to. It’s your house, after all. Why not do something unconventional, and make your bathroom all artsy. You can hang lots of framed prints of your favorite works of art, or you could even paint the walls with chalkboard paint and make doodles yourself!

A Nautical Bar.

Having a bar in your house would be pretty great, but what about a pirate-themed bar? Or a navy-themed bar? There are tons of great nautical home decorations you can get to hang on the walls or place tactfully as conversation pieces. For example, you could get nautical decorations like replica diving helmets for the mantle. For the walls, you could get nautical decorations like oars, porthole mirrors, ship wheels, navigational maps, rope, or whatever other nautical decor you think would make for interesting nautical decorations. Now, all that being said, whatever nautical decor you do get, just be to sure color coordinate it properly. The main colors used for nautical decor are typically navy, white, and khaki.

A Reclaimed Sitting Room.

Everyone is reclaiming, upcycling and generally doing things themselves, and for good reason. It’s not only good for the environment (since it helps reduce the amount of trash that winds up in landfills), it also adds character to your home. When you build something yourself, there’s a story behind it. It also makes you feel more connected and at home with your living space since you created and crafted those things yourself. Why not repurpose an old pallet into a neat bookcase? Or you could turn an old door into a table.

These are a few of the latest, and greatest interior design trends. If you have any questions about nautical decor, reclaimed furniture or anything else, free to share in the comments.