How to Install Vinyl Floor Coverings

Vinyl floor coverings are synthetic alternatives for hardwood flooring. The vinyl floor mimics hardwood floors. It is made up of different layers and comes in plank form.

Video Source

This video shows how to install vinyl floor covering.

Steps to installing vinyl floor covering:
1. Clear the room and ensure the current flooring is level. Remove the quarter-round molding and the doorway transition piece.
2. Measure the room to know how many planks will be required. A 3D rendering can be done as well to show how the planks will fit.
3. Each board has a tongue and groove that is tapped into place, so starting on the left makes it easier to fit the boards together.
4. Undercut the doorjamb, the underside of the door, and where required, the baseboard so the planks can slide easily underneath for a cleaner look.
5. Use wedge spacers for planks that need to be held off the walls by ΒΌ inch in all directions.
6. Make the best use of the flooring to avoid leftover scraps.
7. Reinstall the quarter-round molding (nail into the baseboard, not the flooring) and the transition strip.

Vinyl floor covering is easy to maintain and water-resistant.