How to Properly Use Top Soil

Top soil is one of the most common gardening elements on the market, and has a vast variety of uses in your outdoor space. While you may think that top soil is simply a cover-all for all plant beds, it does far more work than just look nice. In this video, we will be looking at the many different uses for top soil and how you can properly use it to its full extent in your flower beds and gardens.

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Top soil, by definition, is the soil you use when you fill in lawn patches, cover flower beds, and pot household plants. This soil is used to provide easy water drainage and keep your plants hydrated and healthy. When you are thinking about adding more topsoil to your beddings, it is crucial that you try to pick out a soil that is closest to the top soil you already have on your plants. Top soil is comprised of the top 5-6 inches of earth, and changes from location to location. Before you choose a brand of top soil, take your location, added supplements, and your garden’s needs into account.