Top Pool Accessories for a Fun Summer

Whether you have an above ground pool, an inground pool, or any other kind of swimming pool at home, you’ll find having entertaining and often necessary pool accessories will be essential to a fun summer.

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An air pump can be an important accessory, especially if you have multiple pool toys that require being blown up to float on! You can find a simple air pump at most major retailers and pool stores. A chemical floater can be filled with pool maintenance chemicals, such as chlorine, so that it can be distributed in the water appropriately and in the right amounts without having to routinely worry if you’ve put enough in the water.

A pool cover can help to keep unwanted debris, such as leaves and bugs, out of your pool. Some will even help to heat up the water on a warm day. At night, having waterproof LED strips can be a fun way to illuminate the water for safety. There are also accessories aimed at having fun in the pool, such as pool floats, RC boats, diving masks, and other toys that you can find at your local pool service shops.