Great Mother’s Day Surprises to Plan for Your Mom This Year

Are you agonizing over the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day? With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it is important for children, spouses, and loved ones to get to the bottom of what moms really want — and the top gifts may be very different from what you might expect.

According to NBC News and a survey by Peanut, an app that connects mothers who live close and share similar interests, there are three gifts that are most popular among mothers, and none of them are a physical present. Peanut reveals that 35% of moms want a break from their everyday routine, 35% want a ‘cool experience,’ and 26% simply want to get ‘a good night’s sleep.’

Of course, pinning down what activities will give mom the best opportunity to relax or what activities constitute a truly ‘cool experience’ can be challenging in and of itself. Get inspired by some of these great Mother’s Day surprises below.

A Road Trip

With careful planning, a road trip can easily qualify as a cool experience for mom. To make it one of the great Mother’s Day surprises she will rave about for years to come, follow these tips:

  • Tailor the experience to her interests. Does your mom prefer camping or lounging by the pool in a luxury resort? Keep this in mind while putting together your road trip and plan accordingly. If your mother enjoys road trips in the RV, exploring nature, and staying at campgrounds, make sure the RV is in tip-top shape — contact an RV air conditioner service! — and hit the road. If a luxury resort is more of her thing, keep the road trip smooth and comfortable with an extended stop at a coveted destination spot.
  • Keep it practical and fun for the whole family. To plan a worry-free and truly memorable trip, consider who will be going along for the ride. Are you taking your mom on a getaway with adult children only? Do you have a young sibling, or do you or your siblings have young children? Plan activities and accommodations with all family members who will be on the trip in mind.
  • Plan the trip down to the last detail. Often, women feel overwhelmingly responsible for the household’s invisible labor. What exactly does that mean? That means mothers feel as if the responsibilities of keeping track of the children’s schedules, making doctor’s appointments and dentist appointments, arranging carpools, setting up playdates, driving kids to and from rehearsals and sporting events, and planning for special events, like science fairs, fall entirely on their shoulders. In fact, 90% of all women reveal that they feel responsible for this invisible labor or emotional work, according to mindbodygreen. The invisible work may not end when children enter high school. Many moms will continue to make arrangements for their college-age children or even their spouses or romantic partners.

Use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to give moms a break from constant planning, arranging, and coordinating. If you plan to take mom on a road trip this Mother’s Day, take the helm and plan every aspect of the trip — down to the last detail. If you truly pull it off, your mom should have nothing left to worry about in relation to the trip. Her only concern should be enjoying every last moment.

A Day at the Spa

When it comes to great Mother’s Day surprises, a trip to the spa ranks pretty high on the list. Treat your mom to the gift of relaxation. Whether mom wants to treat herself with natural back pain relief, like the relief from a deep tissue or hot stone massage, a manicure and pedicure, or an eyebrow wax, a day at the spa makes it all possible. To plan the perfect spa day for mom:

  • Take a close look at spa packages. Do your research. Many spas will offer spa packages specifically for Mother’s Day, discount packages for massage and facial treatments, or custom packages to combine mom’s favorite treatments. Consider purchasing a package with your mother’s favorite spa treatments and treat her to something new as well.
  • Throw in a gift card for extras. During the course of her spa treatment, staff members may recommend products, like lotions, essential oils, exfoliating scrubs, hair products, and beauty products. Give mom a gift card to take along with her, and she will be able to purchase her favorite products free of charge.
  • Don’t forget about gratuity. Remember, if you are treating Mom to a day at the spa, most spas strongly recommend a tip for many of their services, including haircuts, blowouts, manicures and pedicures, and massages. Ask about paying ahead and make sure gratuity is included to make sure the experience is as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

A Picnic at the Park

Great Mother’s Day surprises do not need to be a physical gift. In fact, some of the best Mother’s Day gifts are memories and experiences. For a day your mom will not forget, plan a tranquil picnic in the park.

For the best possible picnic, pack delicious and nutritious food items. Ideas include veggies and dip, side salads packed in convenient mason jars, and sandwiches. Top off the day with a treat or indulgent dessert, like brownies, cake, cookies, or macarons.

Make it extra comfortable with throw pillows, blankets, sunscreen, and portable speakers to play music.

A Garage-Turned-Gym

Another idea for great Mother’s Day surprises is to consider something mom has always wanted and to do the legwork to make it happen. For example, if your mom has always dreamed of converting the garage into a gym, do it for her.

For this particular surprise, consider the following:

  • Is the garage adequately insulated or ventilated for an at-home gym? Great Mother’s Day surprises are well-thought-out and well-researched ones. When converting your mother’s garage into an at-home gym, think about her comfort first. If your mom plans to work out year-round, make sure the space is up for the task. Insulate the garage to keep it warm during cold winter months, and ensure there is adequate ventilation and air conditioning to make it cool in the summer.
  • What flooring is most appropriate for a garage-turned-gym? When you convert the garage into an at-home gym, it is the perfect time to consider the different types of custom garage flooring. Rubber flooring, interlocking rubber tiles, or durable foam is best for spaces where you — or your mother — will be using heavy gym equipment or getting down on the floor to exercise.
  • What equipment will you need, and how will you store it? First and foremost, determine what equipment you need. Start by pinning down the type or types of exercise your mom prefers. Yoga and pilates, for example, will require very different equipment than HIIT and strength training workouts. For moms who prefer yoga, stock the space with yoga wedges, yoga blocks, and a yoga mat or two. For weight lifting workouts, purchase dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, a jump rope, and a workout bench. To conserve space in small- or medium-sized garages, consider making the most of the garage’s vertical space. Store equipment on hooks, racks, or shelves on the walls.

A Kitchen Reboot

Great Mother’s Day surprises are personal. If a home gym isn’t your mom’s thing, but she always dreamed of remodeling her kitchen, do that for her instead.

The good news is that kitchen improvements and kitchen renovations run the gamut. You can do as much or as little as you like. Great Mother’s Day surprises can be as simple as purchasing your mom all-new cookware, like quality, American cast iron cookware, or as elaborate as replacing the kitchen cabinets and sink with new ones in her preferred style.

A Reservation at Her Favorite Restaurant

Brunch or dinner reservations are particularly popular on Mother’s Day — and with good reason. Reservations at mom’s favorite restaurant are one of the great Mother’s Day surprises. Going out to eat at her favorite restaurant is simple, straightforward, and relaxing.

To make your Mother’s Day meal memorable:

  • Choose your mom’s favorite restaurant or favorite cuisine. Make reservations at your mom’s favorite restaurant. Alternatively, try a new restaurant that prides itself on preparing her favorite type of cuisine. Look for glowing customer reviews or features in local news outlets to help you pick out one of the best restaurants in town.
  • Search for special Mother’s Day events. Some restaurants may host or take part in special Mother’s Day events. Events may include something as simple as an elaborate brunch or dining accommodations with live music or live entertainment.
  • Make your reservations well in advance. Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year, according to the National Restaurant Association. The holiday is the busiest day for restaurants nationwide, followed closely by Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day. If you want reservations at a specific restaurant, make them ahead of time.

A Day on the Lake

For great Mother’s Day surprises and a one-of-a-kind experience, treat your mom to a day out on the lake. According to Global News, blue spaces like lakes, rivers, and the ocean promote relaxation and calm and improve mental health. Give your mom the gift of relaxation this Mother’s Day by gifting her a day on the lake.

A day on the lake can be as simple as canoeing or kayaking along a scenic lake or renting a boat to cruise along the water. If your mom is up for something a little more exciting, rent a jet ski or jet skis to explore the lake while riding the waves.

Keep in mind what your mom will like best, and invite her to meet you out at the dock this Mother’s Day.

A Truly Thoughtful Gift

Many great Mother’s Day surprises are not tangible items but experiences or memories instead. If you do choose to get a physical gift, make it a personal one.

Think about your mother’s personality, your mom’s dreams and ambitions, and your mother’s passions, and purchase gifts accordingly. Some examples include:

  • Gifts you already know she loves. If your mother has a favorite type of dessert or chocolate, a favorite hobby, musician, or artist, purchase gifts that help her celebrate these passions. For personal gifts, think about what she might buy herself, and buy these items for her.
  • A gift that encourages her to chase her dreams. Has your mother always dreamed of starting her own business one day? Purchase a set of books about entrepreneurship for women to help her have the tools to pursue her ambitions.
  • A gift that will remind mom of cherished memories for years to come. Put together a photo album or upload photographs on a digital picture frame. Have a beloved grandchild’s picture placed on a comfortable blanket mom can cover up with as she sits on the couch. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s personal.

An Appointment to Pick Out a New Car

Once again, invisible labor is one of the most difficult parts of being a mom — and that often holds true even as children age. If your mother has been toying around with the idea of purchasing a new car but hasn’t acted on it yet, help make it happen by taking care of some of the formalities for her.

Find out what your mother’s schedule looks like, and set up an appointment for her to meet with a trusted salesperson at a new Ford dealership. Do your research. Find out what dealerships are most highly recommended by their customers, and book your mother’s appointment with that in mind.

Take it one step further and find out what kind of payment she’ll be looking at after trading in her vehicle. Consider asking family members to contribute whatever amount they would like. Gift these collective funds to your mom on Mother’s Day to put toward her new car.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. These great Mother’s Day surprises can make it a truly memorable one. Gift your mom a one-of-a-kind experience or pick out gifts that celebrate your mom’s unique personality.