Long Distance Movers Packing Lists

The video starts with Ross explaining that there are two types of moves. The first one is whereby you are just moving across the street or to an apartment within your city, and the second one is a long-distance move where you will need help from professional long- distance movers.
In the video, he focuses on providing a long-distance moving checklist.

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The first tip is to keep your moving date in mind as you prepare everything else.
Another useful tip is to stay organized. Have your paperwork in one folder or binder, so you don’t have to run around looking for them.
It would be best if you also got rid of unnecessary things by donating them or tossing them out. The fewer things you have during your move, the smoother it will be.
It is also good practice to start packing long before the moving day but ensure you first have all the necessary packing materials. These include packing tape, bubble wrap, and soft paper.
The stress brought about by moving can be too much for children. Make sure you have a talk with them prior to the move so they’re prepared.
You should also have your utilities set up before moving to your new home. Remember to stop paying the utilities of your old place and change your billing address.
Finally, decide on car transportation. You can drive it to your new home or have a car transportation service transport it.