How Private Preschool Can Give Your Child a Strong Foundation for Learning

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New research shows that the effects of a good preschool education can last a lifetime. Finding a good preschool has become a major concern for parents, because this is the foundation on which their lives will be built. Private preschools offer many of the same advantages as private K-12 schools: smaller classes, qualified teachers, music and arts programs and summer camps. All the extras enhance a child’s educational experience and give him or her the confidence and curiosity for lifelong learning and success.

Private schools provide individual attention
What are some of the reasons for the popularity of private schools? Nearly one fourth or 24% of all the schools in the country are private schools, though they enroll only 10% of all PK-12 students. Most private schools are smaller than public schools, which means a safer school experience for children.
Smaller class sizes mean that teachers can give pupils individual attention and encouragement. The academic success of private school students is seen in test scores, where they perform well above the national average. The teacher to student ratio is lower in private schools, which means that students get personalized instruction and attention.
At the present time, there are 30,861 PK-12 private schools in the U.S. Total student enrollments are 5.3 million. About 80% of these students are enrolled in religiously-affiliated schools.

Different programs provide a well rounded education
As well as academic standards, private schools have arts and music programs which help students to discover and develop their talents in different directions. Arts education is found by researchers to actually improve results in the STEM fields as well.
Private preschools offer students more activity and outdoor spaces than they could find at home. Very few homes, just about 20% of the total, are located within a half mile of a park or recreation center. At private preschools, kids learn early to stay active and healthy.
Private preschools also offer summer day camps for students, to reinforce and continue learning during the vacations. Camps are a place for kids to try and learn new things, from art to swimming and more. Students also tend to continue the activities they learn at camp even after they return home.

Early childhood is a good time for learning
As the benefits of private preschool become apparent to both educators and parents, more and more children are being enrolled in pre-K. By 2012, 41% of three-year-olds and 66% of four-year-olds were enrolled in pre-primary school programs. A total of about five million kids attend some kind of prekindergarten.
Researchers have found that the early childhood years are the best time for children to learn, and the language, counting and other skills they learn at this stage will influence the course of their lives.
Private preschool are a fun, safe and exciting place for children to begin to learn about the world around them. For both parents and educators, it’s a chance to help children gain a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.