Caring for the Future- Early and Advanced Education

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The future is scary. This was true in the days of ancient Greece, in the dynasties of medieval china, in WW2 and every in-between. It’s always been true and it’s especially true today. Because of this, it can be hard to think about the future in concrete ways. We have a natural tendency to shy away from complex and difficult matters such as these, staying within our comfort zones instead. But we need to break out of this. The problems of today can be solved if we just invest our time in teaching children and young adults that those problems can be solved. That’s what education is for- taking small steps, one at a time. So let’s start at the very beginning and work our way up. The following is a short list of reasons that early education is important, even crucial, for our future.

    Education is scientifically shown to increase the capacity to retain knowledge and compassion for other human beings. This is a big idea and it pays to break it down into chunks. First, you want your child have the best access she can to her early schooling where she’ll learn these lessons. How to find a preschool where one can start on this compassionate path? That’s up to location and income. If the money is available, you might want to consider a private preschool. The curriculum in these schools generally tends to be more structured and tethered to the individual needs of the child. They even often summer programs where kids can go to learn anything they made have trouble with during the school year. Of course, if private preschools are a little too expensive, there are also public preschools which will work just as well. The benefits of preschool are hard to underestimate. The methods of exactly how to find a preschool might seem daunting but don’t give up. The benefits to your child’s future, the skills for compassion and innovation they will learn just by interacting with old children, are invaluable.
    This is another difficult idea that might be difficult to wrap your brain around so it pays to break it down into chunks. Once you’ve found how to find a preschool, consider what type of curriculum the preschool offers. In public preschools, there is the standard public-system curriculum which is, by all rights, fine. But, if you’ve invested in a private preschool, you have a few more options available. It’s as much about the structure of the content as the content itself, after all. Be sure that your child is learning to work together with other children to solve problems. Lectures are outdated and teach children nothing. By investing in different ways to solve problems, your child, and the other children, will learn valuable problem-solving skills. Every child learns differently. This is perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind. Private preschools have more room to diversify and work with your child to figure out in what manner they learn best. That’s they key to the development of their own specific type of innovation. It’s not only about how to find a preschool- it’s about why to find a preschool.
    The development of society, if such a thing is not too large to take fully into account (it is), is predicated largely on the growing complexity of our systems. Let’s step back. Basically, society grows more intricate and complicated with every passing generation. This might sound like it has nothing to do with preschool but it’s crucial. You want a school that can teach your child to adapt with that complexity and add their own layer to it. In other words, you want a school that can teach your child to change with the times and keeping changing. Too often, we focus on learning how we learned but tradition is poison. At least in this regard. Progress is good and we want our kids to make the world a better, safer place. So it starts with education. And that starts with preschool.