Finding the Aesthetic of Your Living Room

Reports show that only one out of five Americans are happy with the decor of their home. This ranges from living room decor to home office decor, dining room decor to bedroom decor. Similar reports show that nearly half of Americans have neglected to update their home decor in the past five years. This leaves the American household to look not only “traditional,” but outdated.

The last thing you want with your home is for it to look outdated. Not only will your home be uncomfortable for guests, but it will be grating for you. You want your home to be comfortable, beautiful, and well-kept. The last thing you want is for your home to feel as if it’s old, living in the decades past.

Living room furniture is an easy way to update the decor of your home. Sure, drapery and rugs can be changed within your living room, but there is nothing quite like updated coffee tables, chairs, and more. Living room furniture can go a long way to providing your home with a feeling of comfort for both you and your guests.

If you’ve ever been in a friend’s old “finished” basement, you know what it’s like to be around old, outdated furniture. The seats sink far too deep, the fabric is old and looks ratty, and everything looks unpleasant and uninviting. Sure, it might be cozy in the presence of friends, but by itself it doesn’t have the certain sort of life to it. That life that it is missing is the much-needed aesthetic.

Aesthetic can go a long way to bringing life to your home, and living room furniture is one of the first ways to go about this. The aesthetic of your living room furniture is important not only because guests will be interacting with them, either by sitting within them or placing a glass upon them, but because they are the first items to catch a person’s eye when entering a room. When your living room furniture is fresh, updated and eye-catching, you are presenting guest’s with a sort of comfort that couldn’t otherwise be achieved.

Now, the question is, what do you do to achieve that aesthetic? Or, what is the right aesthetic?

Simple enough, it’s for you to decide how you want your home to look. Otherwise, maybe you got a recommendation from a friend, Pinterest, or from an interior designer, giving you a better idea of what would work within your living room. From here you’ll be visiting a furniture store, spotting out the exact types of furniture that match the aesthetic you have in mind. Once you have this, well, you’re in business!

Furthermore, think about matching the colors in your living room. You don’t want the paint on your walls, lighting fixtures, and living room furniture to clash with one another; stick to simple color schemes that are pleasant to the eye, inviting guests in with a sense of warmth and friendliness.

A simple aesthetic can go a long way. Most importantly, it will provide your home with a breath of fresh air, one that is modern and comfortable to interact with.