Childproofing Tips You May Not Have Considered

Table corner bumpers

Did you know that accidental injuries are the leading cause of death in children? This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistic is probably frightening for young parents, but it is the truth. From drowning, to burns, to falling, children are prone to accidents, and you need to be prepared.

So, if you have a newly-mobile toddler, here are few things you should have on your childproofing checklist.

  • Crawl Around the House. It’s fairy common for parents to begin childproofing the house by buying wall outlet covers, glass table corner guards, and child proof cabinet locks. But many of them don’t get down on all fours to really see what their child sees. The best way to know what areas of your house could be dangerous is to crawl around. This will give you a view of all the things that could be within reach for your toddler, and probably offer more insight into your child’s world, making it easier to prevent accidents.
  • Move Your Medicines. Every year, emergency rooms in the U.S. treat more than 300 children from infancy to 19 years of age for poisoning. Subsequently, moving your medicines to a higher location is critical. Even if you think the medications have safety locks, if someone left the Tylenol bottle slightly open by accident, your child could ingest a fatal dose. Most adult medications are considered toxic, and deadly for young children.
  • Close the Bathroom Door. Drowning is also a major cause for concern, especially for children between the ages of one and four, as accidental drowning accounts for the largest number of deaths for children in this age bracket. If you plan on running a bath for your toddler, be sure to close the door behind you as you wait for the water to rise. Studies show that children can drown in just one inch of water, and you will want to prevent your toddler from getting into the tub without your supervision.

There is no way to guarantee that your child will not cut or bruise him or herself — it’s a natural part of growth. But by crossing these items off your childproofing checklist, you will be making your house a whole lot safer. References.