Are You Preparing to Talk to You Parent About Home Health Care Options or Settings?

When you have a family member that is older or that cannot take care of themselves, home health care is a great option. A home care aide can help with medication distribution, normal care like bathing and eating, and can even help with different household chores that your loved one might not be able to handle anymore. When deciding to get a home health care aid, it is best to think about home care services and about the different aid home health care services you might benefit from. There are so many different advantages to in home health care that can help make taking care of even very ill people easier.

AARP home care providers may be accessible at a discount if you feel that you cannot afford to pay full price for home health care. When a family member is not able to care for themselves anymore and may not want to go into a care facility, aide home health care is a fantastic option that is surely going to make caring for your ill or elderly family members easier and more reliable overall. Home health care is a must and can truly make a difference in your life and the lives of those that you love.

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Some of the phone calls you have had lately with your mother are heartbreaking.
For years, your mother has insisted that she has wanted to remain in her own home. In the past when you have talked about the options for senior home care she has been adamant that she wants to continue to cook and clean for herself and remain in her own home. And while you admire her health and her attitude, you cannot deny the sadness in her voice.
In the last few months several of your mother’s friends have moved out of their own homes and into a variety of senior home care options. Even the normal church activities that she has so long enjoyed seem to be difficult for her recently. In fact, her Monday morning quilting group at church that she has worked with for years does not even seem to be the same. As some of the older quilters have been unable to attend, a younger group has started working. And while these young faces are kind and welcoming to your mother, she indicates that the conversations are not the same. Your mom has always enjoyed hearing what people of all ages enjoy talking about, but recently your mom seems to be longing for conversation with others from her generation.
You hate to say it, but you almost feel like your mom is paying a price for her good health and her independence. While she originally said that she wanted to stay in her home so that she can do what she wants, what she wants to do is becoming less and less available as her friends move out of their homes and into senior home care options.
You are determined to bring up the topic of senior home care possibilities to your mother when you visit her at the end of the month. Although she is in great health, you are beginning to think that for the sake of socialization you may be able to convince her to move to a vibrant location with many scheduled activities. Perhaps you can look at some of the locations where her friends have already moved. Perhaps you can see if the quilting can even be an option at some of the centers.
Getting Older Can be Difficult Even for Those with the Best Health
In talking to a caregiver agency you may likely find that a parent’s loneliness is not that uncommon. Even the healthiest individuals can struggle to stay engaged when the friends who are their age start moving into local home care centers. After all, being human has often been as much about being part of a community as anything else. It can be lonely in your own home if the phone is not ringing and no one is coming to the front door for a visit. In fact, some people end up moving into senior care centers not because of their physical health, but for their mental health
Studies continue to indicate that the happiest retirees are involved in three to four activities on a regular basis. And at the other end of the spectrum, the least happy retirees are only involved in one or two activities. Living in a location that makes these activities easily accessible can mean for some people that they may need to move out of her their own homes and into a residential care center with others.
The average age for retirement in America is 63. Given that the life expectancy of so many Americans is now extended means that many people live fairly healthy lives for many years after they retire. Families who spend time up front talking to their aging parents about retirement plans and the eventual need to get in home care or to move out of their home are often more prepared for these transitions when they arrive.
Even when a parent remains fairly healthy, the aging process can mean that many less healthy friends may not be able to stay in their own homes. Caring for the mental health of a parent is as important as caring for the physical health.