4 Effective Ways to Deal With Terrible Twos Behavior

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Many parents dread the terrible twos. The screaming because they can?t have their way, the unexpected tantrums over nothing and the refusal to eat anything on their plate all add up to what is known as ?terrible twos behavior.? This phase of childhood has frustrated numerous sets of parents to no end, but you?re in luck! Read on to discover how you can avoid the terrible twos behavior in just a few short steps.

Dealing with the terrible twos can tire anyone out. Whether you?re a brand new parent or a veteran babysitter, terrible twos have a way of stretching everyone to their limits. In an effort to help you avoid having to send your child into timeout yet again, we?ve compiled a list of four suggestions that will help you learn how to deal with terrible twos behavior:

  • Determine Your Response: It?s important that you and your spouse agree on a way to respond to your toddler?s screaming. Whether they?re hitting, biting or kicking, make sure you tell them that their behavior is not a good way to respond when they?re frustrated. Consistency is key and you need to make a point to respond the same way every time.
  • Plan Your Day Around Them: Having kids will cause you to take this step whether you like it or not. Don?t take them out to the store if it?s almost time for their nap. If you do have to go out, go after their nap and bring along a snack or something to distract them. This will help to avoid public terrible twos tantrums and will allow you to get everything done in record time.
  • Alert Them Of Change: Many times terrible two behavior stems from a lack of understanding. If there is a sudden change in routine that catches them unawares, it could easily set off a terrible twos episode. You can prevent this from happening by making a point to explain changes to your toddler and helping them with the transition.
  • Acknowledge Their Frustration: Knowing how to deal with toddler tantrums will have a great impact on their overall behavior. Try to take a step back and see things from their point of view. They?re still growing up and figuring out their emotions, which can be a little unnerving at times. Work with them to express themselves in ways that don?t involve throwing tantrums and you?ll soon see an improvement.

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