Adjustable Beds For Healthy Sleep

Adjustable bed repair

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of leading a life full of healthy habits. Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night can be difficult enough with the business of daily life, but your bed comfort should not be a concern in a lack of restful sleep. To sleep better at night and feel better during the day, the type of bed that you sleep in is an important factor. If you find that you are having problems sleeping at night in your traditional flat bed and even may admit to having a better more thorough nights sleep when you fall asleep on the couch or sitting up in your reclining chair, it is time to consider getting rid of your mattress and exchange it for one with adjustable bed parts.

  • You back curves in an “S” shape, making it ill suited for a bed that has one setting. Beds with adjustable bed parts for the head and feet are better for sleeping in for your back
  • Many people who sleep on traditional mattresses sleep on their sides which can affect blood flow and cause breathing issues
  • Adjustable beds are perfect for those suffering from lower back pain, neck pain, middle back pain, and even jaw pain because they allow you to move comfortably in a position that will not bother that body part
  • Sleeping in an adjustable bed can actually lessen poor blood circulation in the legs, edema, limb swelling and localized back pain not only during sleeping hours but also during the day
  • The position that you find most comfortable is possible with an adjustable bed as you can control it to support your neck hips, back, legs, or shoulders depending on your preference

Research shows that one tenth of people have experienced bodily pain and aches due to poor sleeping habits when it comes to positioning the body. The benefits of investing in an adjustable bed are endless for your body.