Tips for Reducing Your Winter Heating Costs

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Your heating and cooling units work extra hard during the winter to keep you and your house warm. Unfortunately, this means that the bill for your heating and cooling services can get pretty intimidating in the colder months. So what can you do to stay warm without breaking the bank?

Each degree you turn your heat down saves you money on utility bills, but no one wants to be cold. A great way to save money is to turn heating and cooling units down or off overnight and add a few extra blankets to the bed. Down comforters and mattress toppers are a great way to stay warm when you’re trying to save money overnight, but you don’t even have to use them if you have plenty of throw blankets hanging around the house. Just pile them on!

You can turn the heat off when you’re gone during the day as well, or invest in a programmable thermostat that works on a timer.

Turning your ceiling fan on may also help, since hot air rises when cool air moves in under it. It’s possible your house is really warm, but all the heat is trapped above your head! Turn your fan on and get that warm air moving. You’ll likely be able to cut down on the use of your heating and cooling units if you get a good circulation going.

You can apply window film to your windows to keep drafts out. It will cost a little extra, but you’ll usually save money on heat because the film will reduce heat loss, keeping your air inside. It will also save you money on home air conditioning services because the film reflects the sun’s heat to keep the house cooler. It works especially well on old windows.

Keep curtains and drapes shut at night as well. This will keep your heat inside and keep the cold night air out. Open curtain and drapes during the day to let sunlight come in and warm your house naturally.

Lastly, make sure to contact heating and cooling contractors for regular maintenance, since an inefficient or poorly maintained system works harder to output less heat.
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