7 Tips to Executing a Better Move

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Up with getting a divorce and losing a job, moving ranks as one of the three most stressful things in a person’s life. That being said, many people move every year. It has been estimated that about one-third of all renters move every year. There are a number of things that can be done to make the process go more smoothly and feel less painful, say moving services companies. Here are a few of their tips to help you have a pleasant and hassle free movie.

  1. Start early. People hate moving. What do people generally do when they have to do something but do not want to? They procrastinate. This will only make the process more painful and arduous. If you have some time before your move, take some time and make a plan. Then by packing a little at a time. You can do the items that you know you do not use every day. If you do not wait until the last minute, the experience may not seem as painful.
  2. Keep each room separate. Moving companies recommend keeping items from each room together. It will be a lot harder to unpack at the new place if the kitchen stuff, bedroom stuff and living room stuff are all mixed together. If you have smaller items that you do not want to lose, pack them in something different from the rest of box. That way, they will not be confused with your packaging material.
  3. Pack a bag of the clothes and toiletries you will need. Even if all of your clothing makes to your new home the same day as you, the chances are very good that you are not going to want to hunt through all of your stuff when you arrive. Having a bag with your pajamas or other “must haves” will make your arrival in your new place a lot less stressful.
  4. Be meticulous with your labeling. You should color code your packing by room. For example, the bedroom may be the blue room and the kitchen can be the red room. All of this will make unpacking easier. Another thing you can do is make lists of what is in each box. Make sure you write on each box what room that box belongs in so that your moving services company will know where to place it when they arrive at your new home. Put labels in more than one place on the box. When it comes to labels for moving, the more the merrier!
  5. Buy some clear storage bins and place what you will need right away in them. Many people cannot make due without their coffee maker so that may be something for a clear storage bin. Other things you will right away will be scissors, towels, a few cups, plates and some utensils. Even if you are planning to eat pizza and Chinese food for your first week at the new place, you will want some items and not have to hunt through all of your stuff to find them.
  6. Be careful how heavy your boxes are. Your movers are very strong people who are used to moving heavy objects, sure, but that does not mean you have to overdo it on the box weight. You will be a lot more popular with your moving services company, who has all of your stuff, if you do not make your boxes weight 100 pounds each. Plus, if you put valuables in a box and overload it, there is always the chance that you are going to have the box (and your belongings) break.
  7. Buy sturdy boxes. Go to the local movers and get some real moving boxes. Most people have gone to the grocery store to get the free boxes that everyone can get there. While that is always an option, there is always the chance that the boxes you get there will not be strong enough to hold your belongings. The one caveat is that the inserts for the wine boxes from liquor stores can be used for wine and other glasses, say Nashville moving services companies.

Moving may never be what anyone would call “fun” but with some planning, it does not have to be all that painful.