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Planning a vacation is a wonderful way of kicking out the winter blues. No matter what time of year the vacation will take place, planning it is part of the excitement, especially when it includes thoughts of fun in the sun!

With so many vacation destinations out there to choose from, picking somewhere to go is sometimes a difficult decision. Statistics show that 37% of families surveyed agreed that their vacation time is what makes them happy; therefore, vacationing has become a favorite activity across the board. With this being said, a vacation resort is worth investigating when planning a family vacation. Vacation resorts are the all-encompassing suppliers of fun for every age group. With something for everyone, there is never any shortage of activities and relaxation.

Many people, especially those living in the northern states where winter typically includes frozen precipitation and freezing temperatures, prefer to spend their vacation in a warmer climate. A vacation resort is often the first choice of families, including those traveling with children, because of the availability of not only activities but also conveniences. A vacation resort will often times provide in house day care for little ones that arranges fun activities for their own age group, while allowing mom and dad to enjoy activities geared toward them. Laundry service is provided in addition to playgrounds, water rides, and much more. In short, there is no reason for a family to have to leave the grounds for any reason other than their own choosing. Everything they could possibly want or need is right there at their fingertips; usually at an all inclusive price.

When traveling to a warmer climate, vacationers are often looking forward to a beach experience. A trip to Florida will place travelers no more than 60 miles in any direction from one beach or another. In addition, there are many hotels located just within a few miles, or even walking distance from the beach. Hotels and resorts in Orlando, FLorida, as well as in other parts of the state, often include their own beaches right on the premises.

Statistics show that 97.3 million travelers visited the state of Florida in 2014.Because of its warm temperatures and easy access beaches, Florida continues to attract millions of vacationers every year. In addition to its 8,460 miles of shoreline, which runs second only to the state of Alaska, Florida offers travelers a wide range of fun and interesting attractions.

Miami is the largest metropolitan area in the state, with Jacksonville being the largest city in circumference. In either location vacationers will find vacation resorts and hotels that will work hard to make their stay enjoyable and memorable. They typically will provide lists, brochures, and maps to the many attractions nearby. Orlando, of course, offers Disney Theme Parks, Universal, and dozens of other amusement parks and attractions, too many to cover during one vacation stay! Water parks are abundant throughout the city of Orlando, as well as across the state itself.

Some of the amenities typically offered at vacation resorts might include a choice of a single or double room, a suite with a full kitchen and separate bedrooms, or condos, also with fully equipped kitchens. Accommodations could also include flat screen TV’s, video games, and a washer and dryer in the room. At least one swimming pool is certainly a part of the package, as is a lazy river for the ultimate relaxation experience. A fitness center provides exercise equipment to fit every guests needs, and, for the children, there are often movies, games, crafts, swimming, and pizza parties. Not every vacation resort in every location offers all of these conveniences; some may vary. Adult activities will include luxuries like hot tubs and spas where guests can experience the ultimate in pampering. Manicures, pedicures, facial treatments, and massages are a few of the gratifying indulgences that can be enjoyed there.

Dining is turned into a once-in-a-lifetime experience at a vacation resort. Meals can be as casual or as black-tie as a guest wants it to be. Choice is what rules the roost at a vacation resort! Every choice made by every guest determines the level of fun or relaxation that is there for them alone to experience.