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Is Your Hot Tub Ready for Winter? A Step-by-Step Guide to Winter Maintenance

Custom pool installers

There are many benefits of owning a swimming pool or hot tub, but as an owner, cleaning, maintaining, and shutting down your custom pool or hot tub for the winter is your responsibility. Only by taking proper care of your hot tub can you ensure that you will continue to enjoy it for years to come.

As the cold weather approaches, you will need to make specific adjustments to either keep your hot tub operating throughout the winter or shut it down. Read on to learn about both options.

Closing Custom Hot Tubs for the Winter

  1. Power it down: Fi
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How to Survive the Potty Training Months of a Toddler’s Life

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Every mother has laid in bed at three in the morning, willing her toddler to stop crying. But he won’t. Why? Because he had an accident. Another one. Why won’t he just get this potty training thing? So, up she gets. She’ll spend the next 20 minutes changing the bed sheets, washing the toddler and changing his clothes and possibly another hour soothing him back to sleep now that he’s wide awake. It’s so tempting to go back to diapers during these moments. We spend so much time wishing that we didn’t have to buy diapers anymore and then during the potty training period, all of a sudden, they are worth the cost. Here is how you can survive those nights without making your child regress in his or her potty training progress.

  1. Double up the Bedding
    This is the ol’ “put two sets of bed clo

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4 Effective Ways to Deal With Terrible Twos Behavior

Newborn baby sleep

Many parents dread the terrible twos. The screaming because they can?t have their way, the unexpected tantrums over nothing and the refusal to eat anything on their plate all add up to what is known as ?terrible twos behavior.? This phase of childhood has frustrated numerous sets of parents to no end, but you?re in luck! Read on to discover how you can avoid the terrible twos behavior in just a few short steps.

Dealing with the terrible twos can tire anyone out. Whether you?re a brand new parent or a veteran babysitter, terrible twos have a way of stretchi

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Are You Preparing to Talk to You Parent About Home Health Care Options or Settings?

Long beach home care

Some of the phone calls you have had lately with your mother are heartbreaking.
For years, your mother has insisted that she has wanted to remain in her own home. In the past when you have talked about the options for senior home care she has been adamant that she wants to continue to cook and clean for herself and remain in her own home. And while you admire her health and her attitude, you cannot deny the sadness in her voice.
In the last few months several of your mother’s friends have moved out of their own homes and into a variety of senior home care options. Even the normal church activities that she has so long enjoyed seem to be difficult for her recently. In fact, her Monday morning quilting group at church that she has worked with for years does not even seem to be the same. As some of

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After Water Clean Up in Louisiana, Damage Remains

Flood restoration

Water clean up efforts in Louisiana are mostly complete after historic floods in the southern part of the state, but the water damage clean up has only just begun — and it may be a longer road to recovery than anyone previously thought.

More than 134,000 households have applied for aid from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Association. About 115,000 inspections have been completed so far. The organization is having trouble keeping up with demand for temporary shelter and assistance.

FEMA estimates that there has been $8.7 billion in damages because of the flooding in Louisiana. That’s over half the amount of total home flooding losses in the entire year of 2015 ($16.1 billion) or 2014 ($15.3 billion).

Part of the issue is that many homeowners didn’t have flood insurance, since they liv

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Remodeling the Exterior of Your Home

Types of vinyl siding

Owning a home often requires constant renovations and repairs. You probably have a long list of rooms and projects that need to be completed. It can be difficult to choose which order to complete these projects in. It is often best to begin with the home improvement projects that serve the most purpose. This could be for functionality, safety or to raise the value of your home. One of the most overlooked home improvement projects in raising the value of the home is the exterior of the home.

Most home remodelers begin with indoor projects first. These are the rooms that you see most often, so you are likely more tempted to update them first. Projects like kitchen remodeling done by a kitchen

4 Ways to Get Rid of Your Gently Used Items

Used clothing donations

As the summer comes to a close, you will probably notice that your house is full of things that you didn’t even realize you had. It’s amazing how much you can collect in just a few short months. Something about summer makes our houses go to waste. Maybe it’s because we are outside, enjoying the sunshine and not home to clean or maybe it’s because the kids are off school and it’s pointless trying to clean. But, especially if you have kids, they grow out of clothes and toys so quickly that you end up with a whole wardrobe full of things you don’t need in just two or three months. So, what to do with those things that your kids don’t need or fit anymore? Here are a few ideas for how to efficiently rid yourself of all of that.

Used Clothing Donations
Charities like the Red Cross donat

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Achieving That Perfectly Planned Wedding — Furniture and Table Linen Rentals Explained

Linen rental dc

For many, a wedding is one of the most special and cherished days of their lives. Very little is more special than the union of souls in matrimony, and that is the one defining moment in the lives of many. For this occasion to be memorable, a lot of different elements need to come together and work out as a single, well-planned and perfectly executed event. A wedding ceremony that is planned and executed well remains in the memories of people for all the right reasons, and to accomplish this, there is the need for a little insight and perspective into what makes a wedding ceremony tick.

To start off, if you are planning a wedding, there will be a few variables that you would first need to get a handle on. This includes the number of guests you might be expecting, the venue of the ceremony, food and d

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You Can Find a Great Rental with These 7 Tips

Apartment living

If you are looking to move, you are certainly not alone. Every year, almost 36 million people move in the United States every year. Of the people who move, 9.8% stay in the same state. Nearly 15% of movers say the change was to get a better apartment. The typical American will move at least 12 time over the course of their lifetime. Here are some tips to looking at rental spaces and picking the right one.

  1. Talk to the people you know. It is always great when you can get a personal referral for any kinds of good or services. Tell your friends, relatives and coworkers that you are looking for a new place to live and someone will know of something or will know of someone who does. This does not mean you will have to go with their suggestions but it will get you started with a list
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Four Tips On Dealing With Toddler Tantrums

Dealing with terrible twos

Nobody is prepared for dealing with terrible twos — for that matter, nobody is really prepared for parenthood. Children are completely unpredictable. While one toddler may be perfectly behaved, others might be terrible to deal with. The worst thing about dealing with toddler tantrums is that we’re really only human. You shouldn’t feel bad if you find yourself getting angry with your toddler — but you can’t let that anger show, and can’t take it out on the child. They’re barely more than babies after all, and you can’t blame them for their behavior. There are ways you can modify your behavior — and theirs — healthily. The more measured your approach, the more likely the

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