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Three House Flipping Mistakes New Flippers Should Avoid

Fix and flip houses

Flipping houses is becoming an increasingly popular method of making money in America. It’s led to pretty fierce competition in the low cost housing market and caused the home remodeling industry to thrive in recent years, but the practice isn’t for everyone. Knowing how to flip a house isn’t just about knowing a few secrets to flipping houses; it’s also about knowing the fundamentals and what not to do when you’re flipping a house. Here are three common mistakes that inexperienced house flippers make that you should avoid.

Thinking of yourself
One common mistake that beginner house flippers tend to make is that they get personal with the flip. It’s tempti

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How To Build Up Your Defense Against Dirty Remote Controls

Programming a remote

You essentially have two options when it comes to television remote controls that have collected too much dirt, dust, and unidentifiable particles to keep working — either you can just give up on the current ones and just buy replacement TV remotes, or you can try cleaning them out yourself. Cleaning a remote control isn’t exactly rocket science, and it’s definitely something that can be done in five minutes flat with just a few items that are probably already hanging around your house. If you aren’t sure where to start, though, here you go:

  • Cleaning solution (i.e. rubbing alcohol, sanitizing solution, etc.)
  • Q-tips and/or toothbr
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Have You Considered Using a Storage Unit as Your Office?

Storage units near me

A self storage facility can be of great use to you. It can free up extra space in your home, help you to keep your collections organized, and allow you a place to store off-season items. But people actually user self-storage units for more than just storage. Believe it or not, some people actually use them as office spaces.

In the uncertain economy, there are more and more freelance workers out there. These workers don’t have an office, so they often work from home. However, as anyone who has ever tried working from home knows, it’s not the best environment for getting work done. There are the distractions of television, family, and even sleeping in your own bed, that tend to get in the way of focusing on work. Sure, you could go work in a coffee shop or diner, but it’s likely the cast of characters

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Regular Carpet Cleaning Is Important for the Reputation of Your Business

Professional carpet cleaning service

Do you own a business whose headquarters uses carpet? If so, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service that specializes specifically in commercial carpet cleaning makes a lot of sense. After all, keeping your carpets tidy can go a long way to subtly improving your reputation among prospective customers, clients, and business associates.

Also, unseen threats can thrive in carpets that are not cleaned on a consistent basis. Amidst merely one ounce of dust that forms on a carpet, approximately 2,000 dust mites can survive. If a carpet has not gone through a commercial carpet cleaning service in a month’s time,

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How to Become the Best Real Estate Agent Ever

Buying investment property

The real estate and property management industries are booming. Though the housing market suffered a sharp decline following the financial and economic crisis of the mid 2000’s, it has begun to make a strong comeback as the economy continues to improve. In fact, the property management industry generates a whopping $69 million in revenue annually and employees nearly 744,614 people. Not bad. Additionally, over the course of five years, between 2009 and 2014, the property management company grew an estimated 3.1% annually.

Likewise, the real estate industry is also experiencing growth, not just in home sales, but in careers. Many people, from recent college graduates to retirees, are turning towards the real estate industry in order to revamp their careers or supplement their incomes. Real esta

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Clothing Donations How They Help Disabled Veterans and Military Families

Charity clothing pick up

We all know about the brave men and women who have served in the United States military, but many people don’t know how difficult life can be when these individuals come back from active duty. However, there is a way that you can help, and it’s as simple as cleaning out your closets. Giving disabled veterans donations of clothing or other household goods is a fantastic way to help make their lives easier after their sacrifices. Additionally, many of these veterans have families who are in need also, so helping military families with donations is another great thing you can do in your community.

Many people may be unsure just how clothing donati

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The Top Three Things to Think About When Home Shopping

Single family homes for sale

Buying a home is perhaps one of the biggest commitments you can make in your life. Buying a home means putting down roots with a multi-thousand dollar investment, declaring to yourself and the world that you do not plan on going anywhere soon. When you’re looking at local homes for sale, there are a few crucial things to pay attention to. After all, while any number of local homes for sale may be acceptable for your lifestyle, there may only be a select few that offer the opportunity to live your idea lifestyle. Here are three things that a new home in Chandler AZ may offer that you can apply to your home searches elsewhere:

1. The Cost of the Home

It’s easy to think about how easy it can be

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3 Petite Structures That Can Make Your Yard Feel Larger

Amish barns

Adding structures to your backyard can help it be both more beautiful and more functional for your family and guests. But if you’ve got limited space, complete guest houses or other grand additions may be out of the question. Here are some petite ideas for small backyards that can actually make your space feel larger:

  1. Small Sheds

    It’s a basic tenet of design principles that clutter makes a space feel smaller, while organization makes it feel bigger. This concept holds true when taken outdoors, too! Using one or two small sheds to tuck away all your gardening equipment, tools and outdoor toys can keep everything organized and out of sight when not in use. You’ll be amazed by how much more upscale your place feels — and your belongings will stay cleaner and last longer too, kept

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