3 Petite Structures That Can Make Your Yard Feel Larger

Amish barns

Adding structures to your backyard can help it be both more beautiful and more functional for your family and guests. But if you’ve got limited space, complete guest houses or other grand additions may be out of the question. Here are some petite ideas for small backyards that can actually make your space feel larger:

  1. Small Sheds

    It’s a basic tenet of design principles that clutter makes a space feel smaller, while organization makes it feel bigger. This concept holds true when taken outdoors, too! Using one or two small sheds to tuck away all your gardening equipment, tools and outdoor toys can keep everything organized and out of sight when not in use. You’ll be amazed by how much more upscale your place feels — and your belongings will stay cleaner and last longer too, kept out of the sun and rain.

  2. Gazebos and Pergolas

    Partially open-air structures can provide shade or rain shelter without the claustrophobic feeling of an enclosed porch. Choose a gazebo with half-height walls and seating for an airy entertaining space, or place several lounge chairs under a simple pergola for a relaxing retreat at home. Pergolas can have either solid or latticed roofs (the latter typically covered with vines or climbing roses), so you’ll want to take into account weather in your area and your gardening abilities when deciding.

  3. Mini Pool Houses

    If you’ve got a backyard pool but not a lot of space around it, custom sheds used as pool houses can be a great addition. These slightly larger structures can combine the storage ability of small sheds with some private changing areas. And since these sheds can be quite attractive as well, having a similar appearance to a small cottage, they can give the same look and feel as a guest house — without the large footprint, building costs and permit headaches.

Have you thought about adding value to your home by upgrading your backyard? Which of these ideas would best suit your needs? Share in the comments.

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